Rock the Cure fundraiser is Friday at Silverdale Beach Hotel

100 percent of proceeds support Dr. Jim Olson’s neuro-oncology research

Kitsap Friends of Children’s Guild will present the Rock the Cure fundraiser 4-7 p.m. Friday at the Silverdale Beach Hotel.

The fundraiser was launched to honor the memory of Miriam Adams, who died in 2006 from brain cancer after being diagnosed in 2003. Adams, who is credited as the founder of Kitsap Friends of Children’s Guild, devoted the time she had to try to find a cure for pediatric brain cancers.

All of the proceeds from the fundraiser support the neuro-oncology research done by Dr. Jim Olson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Olson and his colleagues from Fred Hutch launched Project Violet, inspired by an 11-year old named Violet who donated her brain to science after succumbing to a rare tumor.

According to, Project Violet aims to cure brain cancers that are currently considered inoperable. The project combines clinical research at Fred Hutch and patient care at Seattle Children’s Hospital to identify advanced therapeutics for children with brain cancer and speed them into clinical trials. Olson will be speaking at the Rock the Cure fundraiser to talk about the team’s work and to thank the attendees for their donations.

Perhaps Project Violet’s most remarkable achievement has been “Tumor Paint.”

“Derived from the DNA of the Israeli deathstalker scorpion, Tumor Paint chemically adheres to cancer cells and causes them to glow,” according to the website.

“It is thousands of times more sensitive than MRI imagery, enabling surgeons to distinguish easily between deadly cancer cells and surrounding healthy tissue.

“Tumor Paint makes tumors more operable and reduces the risks associated with surgery, ensuring the entire tumor is removed and helping surgeons leave healthy brain tissue intact.”

The Rock the Cure event was started in 2013 by Adams’ mother, Julie Cooper, to raise funds and awareness toward Project Violet. Individuals who donate at this year’s fundraiser will receive a bracelet at the door for free beverages and food at the event. Local live music will also be provided with performances by Zander Grey, Gia Acosta, Ella Baumgartner and other performers.