Q&A with Klahowya Secondary School valedictorian

Sally Fletcher is the Valedictorian for Klahowya Secondary School’s class of 2013.

Sally Fletcher is the Valedictorian for Klahowya Secondary School’s class of 2013.

In addition to her quick wit and intelligence, Fletcher turned out to be an accomplished athlete. She played basketball while at Klahowya and finished eighth in the state in 2A girls’ golf.

She has certainly come a long way from the A- she professed to receiving in freshman P.E.

Fletcher earned a 3.989 during her time at Klahowya, due in part to the aforementioned A- and one other A- in AP Biology.

Transcribed below is education reporter Wes Morrow’s conversation with her.

So, when did you find out you were valedictorian?

I found out the Tuesday after Memorial Day. It was at our senior awards night.

Did you think you would be valedictorian?

Well, I thought I would be one of the two but I wasn’t sure which one.

Was becoming valedictorian a goal of yours?

No. It just sort of happened. I just tried to work hard, just for myself, not really for any award.

So what do you do to get a 3.989? One A-?

I have two A-, one in AP Biology, and then … this is pretty embarrassing, but I got an A- in P.E. my freshman year.

Hey! you have something in common with one of the other valedictorians then.

Are you taking a lot of AP classes?

Yeah, this year I had four. I took AP Statistics, AP Psychology, AP Bio and then AP Literature. I think I’ve taken 10 total.

Do you have a favorite subject?

I like math.

That seems to be the consensus among the valedictorians. Maybe that’s the secret. Is there anything in particular you like about math?

It just kind of clicks. Like, English you always have to explain stuff and go into detail. Math you can just write out an equation. Pretty cut and dry.

Any plans after high school?

I’m going to Seattle Pacific University and I hope to major in math there.

Do you have any plans for that math degree?

Not yet. (laughs) We’ll see.

So do you just want a degree in pure mathematics, or something like engineering?

I think right now just in math, but I’ll see what sort of job options there are with just a math degree. Because I know that if you do computer science, engineering or stuff, there’s a lot of options. So we’ll see.

How did you choose Seattle Pacific?

I love Seattle. I just think that it’s going to be great for a lot of internship opportunities, and they gave me some decent scholarship money. And I wanted a small school. UW was just way too big.

So, internships, location, size and scholarships?

Yeah. And I’m in their honors program as well.

What does that entail?

You have a private core class load that you have to take. They have a different one for their (what they call “university scholars”) and it’s a lot more discussion based.

So you mentioned English a minute ago, is that one of your … less favorite subjects?

No. I really enjoy English. I read all the time. I mean, I don’t really like to read, though … I had to write so many (essays) this year for scholarships.

If you could add a class, what would you want to add?

We have a regular metal shop, but we never had auto shop. I think that would have been cool, to fix cars and stuff.

Did you like metal shop?

Yeah. After AP tests I just hang out there.

That sounds cool. So you can just go in there and work?

Yeah, I make these flowers out of horseshoes and rebar and then I sell them. That’s pretty much all I do now (laughs). I’ve made like 10 of them.

Were there any classes you wish you hadn’t had to take?

AP Biology — not a bio fan. It’s like the only science class where there’s no math in it.

Cool! I disliked chemistry for exactly the opposite reason.

So graduation is coming up. Do you have a plan for your speech?

Well, I got a ticket the other day, a speeding ticket.

Hold the phone! Call up the salutatorian; you’re out of here.

(Laughs) I know. I know. Part of my punishment from my parents was that I couldn’t procrastinate writing my speech. So while I was grounded I wrote my speech.

Are you going to mention that in the speech at all?

I haven’t decided yet. My parents think I should.

Can we get a sneak preview of the speech?

I kind of talk about time, kind of. Like how it took forever to get here but then you have no idea where all that time went.

Did you do any extracurriculars?

Do you want me to list them?


Okay, so: Honor Society, I was the president this year. ASB (Associated Student Body) I was the executive vice president. I team mentored. Math team, Knowledge Bowl.


Golf. I placed eighth this year at state. I was really excited. I did not think I would do that well … I played basketball.

Any teachers or counselors you want to thank?

Mrs. Laughlin. She always gave me books. She would just leave books on my desk, like the past five years. I haven’t picked out a book myself in like five years.

My mom, probably.

So your mom works in the counseling office. Is that nice or does she cramp your style? (Sorry Mrs. Fletcher. I’m not leading the witness, I swear!)

I think it’s really nice, because I get to keep my food in the fridge and use the microwave. I don’t have to carry around any of my books. I just store them in here, cause we don’t have lockers. But, everyone loves my mom, so I don’t get those people complaining that she sucks as a teacher.

Anyone else you want to thank?

Maybe like a general shout out. My sister went here when it first started so we’ve had a Fletcher in the school for 16 years. So they’ve watched me grow up and they’ve helped out a lot.