Roofer says donors to local fund ‘literally saved our lives’

Roofer says donors to local fund ‘literally saved our lives’

POULSBO — Norman Butler was a roof layer for years, working job to job to support his four children.

“I worked when I could,” he said. “I worked construction roofing and I was out of the work in the winter a lot. If I didn’t have any jobs, which was often in the winter time, we had a lot of trouble with our finances.”

Butler said the help of food banks saved his family more than once.

“When I say they saved our lives, they literally saved our lives,” he said. “Even now with Social Security and disability, it takes all of our money to pay the bills. We don’t have cable, it’s just not here. We use a pay-as-you-go-phone. We’re pacing out our money, but other than a few vegetables we buy, everything comes from the food bank.”

For those that donate to the food banks and to the Poulsbo Lions Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund, Butler said, “Thank you.”

The Poulsbo Lions Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund was established in 1944 to help residents who’ve hit a rough patch get through the holiday season. Donations to the Poulsbo Lions Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund help neighbors with medical co-pays, gas vouchers, emergency housing, eviction prevention and utility assistance.

Organizers of the fund hope to raise at least $40,000 this year. All donations are tax-deductible. The funds are administered by North Kitsap Fishline, St. Vincent de Paul, and ShareNet.

The fund helps at least 300 families a year. In addition, the fund supplies Christmas food baskets to 100 local families.

The donation total was $17,675 as of Dec. 22.

Here’s how you can help:

“They don’t know how many people they’re helping,” Butler said of donors to the fund. “It was their help that helped us to take care of somebody else. They did more than they thought they did; they helped us help somebody else.

“We appreciate it very much and we would love for the people to keep giving.”

Butler said he contributes what he can.

“Ever since we realized how valuable the food bank is, every time I got a little extra money that’s what I did,” he said. “You never know when you might need it. And right now I need it.”

Here’s a list of donors to the Poulsbo Lions Raab Foundation Bellringer Fund so far:

  • Ed and Lori Stern: $500, in memory of Dale Rudolph.
  • Herbert and Elda Armstrong: $100, in memory of family.
  • Darryl and Carole Milton: $500, in memory of Julie Pietz.
  • James Schoettler: $100.
  • Jan Seifert: 200, in memory of Mom and Dad, remembering their love of family and friends. Merry Christmas, everyone.
  • Jerry Jurgens: $200, in memory of Judith Jurgens.
  • Poulsbo Lions Club: $1,000, in memory of those past Lions who have served the community over the past 74 years.
  • Dorothy M. Ridgeway: $100, in memory of Lions Jim Stark and Dick Risley.
  • David Risley: $125.
  • Jay and Sandi Dahlquist: $750, in memory of Sonda Tesch and Sandy Habecker, two wonderful friends. We miss you much.
  • Ken and Marcie Kline: $250.
  • LeAnn Mong: $100, in loving memory of Doug Mong.
  • Ed Habecker: $300, in memory of Sandy.
  • James McDougall and Katherine Howard: $100.
  • Kinzie and Miller Tolman: $20.
  • Stephen and Kristine Growden: $100, in memory of Jim and Elaine Turner.
  • Frank and Sharon Schmid: $50, in fond memory of Frank and Mabel Raab.
  • Richard and Bonny Boyde: $50.
  • Stockton and Janice Forrest: $200.
  • Member of the Verksted Gallery: $200, in memory of Mary Heffner.
  • Anonymous: $250, in memory of The Boys.
  • Laurie and Jeffrey Tolman: $250.
  • Judith Fuhrer: $100, in loving memory of Jim and Louise Shields.
  • Jan Lofall: $100, in loving memory of Glen and Jim.
  • Anonymous: $100.
  • Anonymous: $100.
  • Anonymous: $50.
  • Mary and Al Carter: $50.
  • Anonymous: $50.
  • Brenda Sutton Houser and William Houser: $100.
  • Norma MacArthur: $25.
  • Rebecca Barringer: $100.
  • Donna Svarthulme Magne: $50.
  • June and George Burt: $200, in loving memory of a loved one.
  • Bernard A. Wittman: $100.
  • Vern and Pat: $110. “We’re glad we found Fuji.”
  • Tolman Clucas, PLLC Attorneys at Law: $1,000.
  • Dr. Neil Torvik and Margaret Torvik: $150.
  • Dale and Beverly Anderson: $100.
  • Anonymous: $200.
  • Warren and Eleanor Petersen: $250.
  • Walk and Talk Participants at First Lutheran Church: $300.
  • Marlene and Mike Hattrick: $75, in loving memory of Margaret and Al Brooks.
  • Dr. Craig Benson: $300.
  • Lorene Klamke: $100, in honor of all my family.
  • Lynn M. Howat: 50.
  • Earl and Nancy Hooper: $100, in memory of Mike Whitaker.
  • Osler Living Trust: $100, in memory of Mom, Dad and Wheezer.
  • Anonymous: $100, with good will to all. Merry Christmas.
  • Carin C. Nelson: $100, in loving memory of Alex O’Handley and Larry Nelson.
  • Jerry and Sharon Reitan: $500.
  • Anonymous: $300, in loving memory of Tony and Elsie Mandio and Bill Seaman.
  • Anonymous: $100.
  • Marilyn Karr: $100, in loving memory of Bill and Steven Karr.
  • Donald and Jean Danielson: $100.
  • John and Jaqueline Cain: $50.
  • Lisa deFaria: $100, in honor of Gabrielle and Mark Ritter.
  • Stephen Anderson: $100, FBEW retirees.
  • Jerry and Gladys Parrish: $100.
  • Anonymous: $1500.
  • Jim Groh and Mary Swoboda: $300.
  • Virginia and James Shields Jr.: $100, in loving memory of Ed and Louise Shields and George and Betty Gurnett.
  • E.T.S.: $20, in memory of my uncle Mike.
  • Patty and Tom: $100, to celebrate the Christmas girls — Kathy, Roseann, Patty and Sandy.
  • Anonymous: $200, in memory of our folks, Mel and Margie Schmuck.
  • Anonymous: $200.
  • June Cotner-Graves: $50, Merry Christmas from Jim Graves and June Cotner-Graves.
  • Roger and Marcia Serwold: $100, in memory of Olaf, Helen and Joann Serwold.
  • Janet Higby: $100.
  • Kenneth Hover: $200.
  • Chuck and Sue Weaver: $100.
  • Lee, Michael and Kara: $50, in memory of Arne Stadshaug.
  • Lee, Michael and Kara: $50, in memory of Ed and Lois Stadshaug.

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