Poulsbo council, mayor honor COVID volunteers

The city of Poulsbo and Mayor Becky Erickson recognized nine volunteers, all women, for their efforts and help in getting Poulsbo residents vaccinated for COVID-19.

The volunteers are: Alane Basco-Yu, Cherie Baker, Carmella Dellino, Linda Espinosa, Helen Kipps, Linda Obergottberger, Laurie Saver, Jane Vagstad and Kathy Van Ye.

“When COVID vaccines became available, we realized that the system to make appointments benefitted some people more than others,” Erickson said. “People with internet access who were adept at using the computer were able to make appointments, and people without internet and computer skills were not. We also realized that the appointment system was hard to navigate for people who don’t speak English as a first language. “

In February the city set up a COVID helpline to assist people in getting appointments for the vaccine. Since then volunteers have answered over 350 calls and made over 300 appointments.

“Tonight’s recognition is important for several reasons,” Housing, Health, and Human Services director Kim Hendrickson said last week. “So much of the COVID response, in Kitsap County, has been done by volunteers, and it feels great to honor a group of women who have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors. It also gives us a chance to remind people that the city of Poulsbo appointment helpline is still up and running, and people are encouraged to call.”

Now everyone 16 and older can receive a vaccine; call 360-394-9795.