Poulsbo brothers raise money for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital

There is a lot of news out there about kids and lemonade stands, but this one is sure to warm your heart.

For the last two years, 11-year-old Gavin Mitchell and his younger brothers Hudson and Camden have sold lemonade in the Summerset neighborhood and have earned a little over $600.

Rather than spend that money on anything they could imagine, the boys have chosen to donate the money to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma.

Why? Because four years ago that hospital saved Gavin’s life.

According to the boy’s mom Hollie Mitchell, Gavin had been sick for a long time, when they took him to the doctor, they found that he had a rare genetic heart defect which, if not treated right away, could have killed him.

On April 6, 2015, Gavin — then seven years old — underwent life-saving heart surgery.

In a trying time such as that, what the Mitchell family remembers is how the hospital and its staff made them feel at ease.

“They were so kind and absolutely blessed this family,” Hollie said.

The hospital had staff on hand that walked through the surgery with family and even used a doll to explain to Gavin what they were going to do.

While in recovery Gavin and his brothers were given gifts, got to play in the playrooms and even got a peek at the new “teen” room, despite being too young to use it.

During the summer of 2017, the boys had the idea to start a lemonade stand, it was ultimately Gavin’s idea to donate the money to Mary Bridge as a thank you.

“On Monday we are going to go over there and meet with someone at the hospital and donate the money,” Gavin said.

The money will be going into specific areas of the hospital, such as the cardiac care department and into children and teen services to update the playrooms.

“The community really rallied around these boys. You know we posted about the stand on Facebook and it got shared all over the place, they got to meet kids from other schools and neighborhoods,” Hollie said.

The Youngest of the Mitchell boys, Camden, 4, particularly liked when a man on a motorcycle came by and bought the boys their own lemonade.

“We were wondering how he was going to drink the lemonade on a motorcycle, then he asked if we were thirsty and bought us lemonade,” Camden said.

While the boys have philanthropic hearts, their ambitions lie elsewhere. When asked what they want to when they grow up, Gavin said he wants to be a Firefighter, Hudson an Engineer and Camden a soldier in the Army.

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