Poulsbo approves ADA ramp replacement project

Up to 90 ramps will be upgraded, 12-20 new ones installed

The Poulsbo City Council approved Aug. 16 the Americans with Disabilities Act Ramp Replacement project, which includes upgrading up to 90 non-compliant curb ramps and installing up to 20 new ones.

The city will use the ADA Transition Plan to identify highest-priority curb ramps that need to be brought into ADA compliance, city documents say. Poulsbo has over 700 curb ramps that are non-compliant and more than 50 locations that are missing curb ramps entirely.

Previously, the city was recommended for a Transportation Improvement Board Complete Streets grant by the state’s Department of Health. Poulsbo submitted two projects and was awarded a TIB grant to make ADA improvements.

The grant is for $600,000.

Staff will assess the list of non-compliant curb ramps and will select the highest priority ones for construction. The project is expected to be completed in 2023.

At the meeting, the council also approved an update on its right of way procedures, something that is part of the state Department of Transportation’s process for federally funded projects. The procedures were last updated in 2016 and WSDOT requires an update if older than three years.

Documents say the procedures provide clarity regarding roles/responsibilities and decision-making authorities for the city purchasing right of way. Procedures are reviewed and approved by WSDOT and align with federal and state regulations.

The city is preparing to acquire right of way for the Noll Road North segment project at Languanet and Marantha lanes. Approved procedures need to be in place prior to new right-of-way acquisitions. The city will be working with sub-consultant Tierra Right of Way Services.