Port to consider bigger districts

Commissioners look into possible expansion of local boundaries.

“POULSBO – Port of Poulsbo wants to grow but is currently uncertain whether or not it can. Commissioners Tony DeCarlo and Mike Winters Thursday entertained the notion that expanding the port’s district boundaries would not only allow for additional representation throughout North Kitsap but would increase the current tax base as well. While the board agreed that the measure should go before the voters for approval, neither felt that they could have the proposal together before the Sept. 23 cutoff date for the upcoming general elections. We don’t have time before the election, DeCarlo said, noting that he would rather wait on the issue for a while rather than foot the bill for a special election. Where do our tenants live? Winters asked, discussing the issue of proper representation. Do they live in Poulsbo? Do they live north of here? I know some of them live on Bainbridge Island. When asked why the port was considering the expansion, Commissioner Winters responded, It’s called impact and the fees associated with it. Winters continued explaining that if the port found people outside its current boundaries were making use of the marina on a regular basis, they should also help support its tax base. If we expand the tax base we might be able to lessen the burden on taxpayers (currently in the district), he added. The issue will be researched by port officials and may warrant further discussions and possibly a public hearing before commissioners proceed. * The board Thursday also voted to rescind a 1998 proposal to lessen commissioners’ terms in office from six years to four years. Commissioners agreed that the six-year method allowed for more continuity in office in that (for a three-member board) elections could continue to be held every two-years. I talked to the Washington State Ports Association and they said it’s not a good idea, Commissioner DeCarlo said of the four-year idea before adding that the term limit wouldn’t be set in stone. If someone doesn’t want to be in office for six years they can quit. As we’ve seen, Winters added, making a sly remark about former port Commissioner Ken Burns’ unexpected resignation last month. * Port Commissioners also unanimously approved the 2001 budget, setting next year’s revenues and expenditures at the $693,139 mark. Included in the 2001 budget is $94,705 in capital improvements which will encompass purchase of two Whalers and pay for remodeling the port’s laundry room. “