Port of Poulsbo making moves to solidify new parking policy

The Port of Poulsbo might take a tougher stance on parking.

At a July 18 meeting, business manager Carol Tripp said it was “about time that we actually develop some written policies. Everything that we have is very nebulous, has been passed down over the years piecemeal.”

According to Tripp, the port is looking to incorporate ideas generated from a parking survey conducted by the Poulsbo Boaters Association.

“It’s time to bring forth some of those ideas, present them to the board at the next meeting and start to develop a policy,” Tripp said. “Of course, it’s not going to please everyone, but it is time to draft all of those plans into a policy so that we don’t end up with the situations we’ve had.”

In the past, Tripp explained, port tenants have approached employees after business hours in order to have an illegally parked vehicle towed.

“Residents and folks have asked one of our liveaboard tenants, who happens to be an employee here; in the evening they’ve tracked him down on his vessel to tow vehicles,” Tripp explained. “It is not in that person’s job description after hours to be chased down.”

Tripp also noted that the employee had to spend his time off the clock waiting for a tow truck to arrive and remove the vehicle.

Port chairman Mark DeSalvo noted that port tenants have conveyed their hopes to see parking enforcement stay in-house.

“The long and short of it is the majority of the people out there, actually everybody in the port that I’ve talked to, wants us to enforce our parking,” DeSalvo said. “They don’t want people from the city or anywhere else parking in the parking spots that are our designated parking spots, which are few.”

DeSalvo also echoed Tripp’s comments that those with a parking pass must be diligent about displaying it properly while parking.

“If you want us to enforce the parking for those who shouldn’t be there, I’ve got to have that pass in there,” he said. “We give it all to you, and if it’s not there, I’m assuming that car is not supposed to be there. We don’t have the time, effort, energy or manpower to track it down.”

—Nick Twietmeyer is a reporter with Kitsap News Group. Nick can be reached at ntwietmeyer@soundpublishing.com.