Political Notebook

Here's a look at political happenings in our community.

Affordable Housing Council endorses Josiah Rowell

The Affordable Housing Council, the Political Action Committee of the Kitsap County Home Builders Association (HBA), announced recently that it will be supporting Josiah Rowell, candidate for the State Legislature from the 35th District.

“We are impressed by Josiah’s understanding of the issues that impact homeowners and the construction economy of Kitsap County”, said HBA Government Affairs Committee Chairman Kevin Ryan. “We appreciate his support of our local economy and jobs creation in Kitsap County and across the 35th District.”

Rowell, a Central Kitsap High School graduate, is running to replace Democrat Kathy Haigh. The 35th District includes parts of the communities of Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard, all of Mason County and a portion of Thurston County.

Kitsap County Democratic Central Committee has released the following 2014 endorsements:

Derek Kilmer, 6th U.S. Congressional District

Sherry Appleton, 23rd State Legislative House District

Drew Hansen, 23rd LD House

Larry Seaquist, 26th LD House

Judy Arbogast, 26th LD Senate

Nathan Schlicher, 26th LD House

Kathy Haigh, 35th LD House

Irene Bowling, 35th LD Senate

Tammey Newton, 35th LD House

Linda Streissguth, Kitsap County Commissioner

Dave Peterson, County Clerk

Meredith Green, County Treasurer

Russ Hauge, County Prosecutor

Dolores Gilmore, County Auditor

Gary Simpson, Kitsap County Sheriff

Paul Andrews, County Assessor

Mary Yu, Supreme Court Position 1

Mary Fairhurst, Supreme Court Position 3

Charles Johnson, Supreme Court Position 4

Debra Stephens, Supreme Court Position 7

Lisa Sutton, Court of Appeals Division 2, District 2

In the following races, the Democratic Committee approved candidates are:

Claire Bradley, District Court Judge Department 1

Tracy Flood, District Court Judge Department 1