Police share photo of explosive found near Bremerton elementary school

The device appears to be a “homemade firework,” a security expert said.

Police released a photo Tuesday of an explosive device found in a yard near Armin Jahr Elementary School in Bremerton.

The object, discovered near Dibb Street and Robin Avenue on Friday, appears to be a “homemade firework,” according to Jeffrey Slotnick, CPP, PSP, a security expert and president of the consulting firm Setracon.

“It looks like somebody filled a cardboard tube with some sort of flash powder or other material and wrapped it in black electrician’s tape,” he said.

Slotnick said the fuse appeared to be hobby cannon fuse available on the internet.

He said the object was“designed for noise, not for hurting people,” adding, “It’s still an explosive device.”

Police are investigating the incident.

Law enforcement was alerted to the suspicious object around 12:30 p.m. Friday. The Washington State Patrol bomb squad was contacted, and local police are awaiting the results of an investigation.

The WSP’s report “may help us determine who’s responsible for it, and anything else we may be able to learn,” Capt. Randy Plumb said.

An initial inspection by police found the explosive capable of causing damage and serious injury if it had exploded, Plumb said.

“We’re going to continue to process it for further evidence,” he added.

The device’s discovery last week is the second incident involving a homemade explosive in Bremerton over the past month. On Oct. 31, a makeshift device exploded across the street from the Kitsap Rescue Mission downtown, sending projectiles over 100 feet and causing a “large dent” in a car door, police said. Thirty-three-year-old David Joseph Lund was arrested and charged with the “malicious explosion of a substance,” a felony, in connection to the incident. Lund’s next court appearance is December 5.

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