Police cruiser struck by alleged drunk driver

No significant injuries were reported after a Bremerton police cruiser was allegedly struck by a drunk driver last Thursday at 11th Street and Naval Avenue in Bremerton.

Initially, the Bremerton Police Department was advised of a possible intoxicated driver traveling on 11th Street, according to a BPD press release. Upon arriving at the scene, dispatch advised the vehicle was pulled over on 11th Street, east of Roosevelt Avenue. A patrol officer determined the female driver was experiencing a medical issue. After the officer requested medical aid, he re-positioned his vehicle, diagonally blocking the eastbound curb lane, in efforts to shield the vehicle from oncoming traffic, according to BPD.

Bremerton Fire & Rescue and Olympic Ambulance arrived on scene and medics determined it would be best to move the elderly driver to the nearby aid vehicle, which was parked on Roosevelt Avenue, according to BPD. As the medics were tending to the driver, a gurney was retrieved from the nearby aid vehicle and moved towards the driver’s vehicle.

As this was occurring, a BPD officer observed a Honda accelerate east on 11th Street from Naval Avenue. The officer sensed the impending collision and called out to the emergency personnel just prior to the Honda crashing into his patrol vehicle. The impact of the crash drove the patrol vehicle more than 15 feet, pinning the gurney between the patrol vehicle and the elderly female’s vehicle, officials said.

A Bremerton Fire Lieutenant and a firefighter avoided being struck by the gurney by diving out of the way. An Olympic Ambulance attendant was struck by the gurney and narrowly avoided being pinned between the gurney and the elderly female’s vehicle, according to BPD.

The 25-year-old driver of the Honda, employed by the U.S. Navy and stationed out of Bangor, was escorted from his vehicle and the initial observations were that the driver was intoxicated, according to BPD. Washington State Patrol processed the driver and found him to be nearly three times the legal limit. WSP investigated the collision, resulting in 11th Street being closed for nearly four-and-a-half hours.

BF&R personnel were evaluated on scene and the Olympic Ambulance attendant was transported to Harrison Medical Center for evaluation, according to BPD. All emergency personnel avoided serious injury and the elderly woman was treated before the scene was cleared.

Tyler Shuey is a reporter for Kitsap News Group. He can be reached at tshuey@soundpublishing.com.