PO business giving away inventory after closing

Handmade With Love, a small arts and crafts business in Port Orchard, will be giving away its remaining supplies Jan. 20-21 as it has closed.

“I am needing to focus on upcoming changes within my family,” owner Missie Hodson said. “My son is heading off to college next year, and I’ve gotta shift my priorities to get ready.”

The business at 740 Bay St. was there for 6 1/2 years. It also offered classes, which was “the highlight of my day,” Hodson said. The business involved 20-plus teachers and 40-plus vendors. “I don’t know who I would be or where I’d be without the wonderful people I’ve met along this journey,” she said.

Hodson said Handmade With Love would open one last time Jan. 20-21, giving away the rest of its inventory.

“If you feel bad taking things for free, I am accepting donations to my son’s college fund,” she joked.