Planning under way for city’s 125th anniversary

Planning is under way for Port Orchard’s 125th anniversary which the city will celebrate the event Sept. 5.

Planning is under way for Port Orchard’s 125th anniversary.

The city will celebrate the event Sept. 5.

Mayor Tim Matthes appointed Sharron King to chair the committee planning the celebration.

King also was chair of the city’s 100th anniversary.

“She is someone who can get things done with style,” Matthes said.

“I look forward to working with wonderful committee members representing various organizations,” King said.

She said there will be an opening and closing ceremony, food and fun.

“We want to have the opening ceremony at 10 a.m. and have activities throughout the day, a closing ceremony at 5 p.m. at the Marina Park gazebo and hopefully ending with a street dance with a band to follow,” King said. “We’ve also talked about doing walking tours of downtown Port Orchard and activities for the children.”

She also is looking into a possible “marble tournament.”

“Who didn’t play marbles when they were little kids,” King said. “That was how we entertained ourselves. I don’t know how they entertained themselves back in the late 1800s, but I can assure you marbles were around then.”

Committee members include Kathleen Wilson, representing the Port Orchard Library and Port Orchard Rotary; Pam Heinrich, Sidney Art Gallery and Museum; Chris Stansbery, Explore Port Orchard; Brandy Rinearson, City of Port Orchard; Fred Chang, Port Orchard city council; Bobbie Stewart, Port Orchard Bay Street Association; Desiree Steffens, Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce; Janice Maracic, Soroptimist, South Kitsap High School and South Kitsap Rotary and Bryan Petro, local historian.

King said she also is looking for representatives from other groups such as the Saints Car Club and Kiwanis Club, and Kitsap Bank, the city’s oldest business.

“My goal is to have the various facets of the movers and shakers in Port Orchard represented,” she said. “Whatever they can contribute to the event will be helpful.”

King said the groups can put on a fundraiser for themselves during the anniversary celebration.

She said the event also will need volunteers to help out with the various events. King noted the committee has $6,000 that was allocated by the city’s Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) and approved by the council.

She said the committee is conducting a logo competition of the city’s 125th year.

“We are looking for a graphic to use for the 125th anniversary event,” King said. “We are asking local artists and graphic designers to submit a design that will be used on banners, posters, souvenirs, etc.”

Individuals interested in submitting an entry should provide a hard copy or digital image by 4 p.m. March 2 to City Clerk Brandy Rinerson.

King said the committee will review the entries and make its choice that week.

“While there is no monetary award, the designer will be part of the continuing history of Port Orchard and celebrated along with the city at the closing ceremony,” she said.

In addition to the logo competition, the committee is looking for family stories or pictures from the past 125 years.

Port Orchard sprang up along the current Bay Street with the business district reaching from Port Orchard Boulevard to Blackjack Creek. Some of the original buildings still are standing while others burned in several fires in 1894 and 1908.

Anyone who has items, photographs or stories to share can drop them off at City Hall, 216 Prospect St., or email to city

King said the images and stories could be used in advertising,on the website or on Facebook. For information will be available soon at