Pilfering in a parking lot, a slippery thief and RV arguing | Port Orchard Police

PORT ORCHARD — The following summaries are derived from reports filed over the past week by the Port Orchard police department. The summaries are not meant to be considered a complete recounting of incidents under police investigation.

Feb. 15

An officer on patrol inside a Bethel Avenue department store was alerted by an employee to an abandoned backpack in the men’s restroom at the back of the store. Inside the backpack was mail addressed to several people in the area. A white male in his 20s wearing a blue or black ball cap who had been pushing a cart was seen wearing the blue backpack between 11 p.m. and midnight. The officer took the backpack into the office, where he noticed inside a plastic baggie containing white crystalline residue. The baggie and backpack were placed into evidence and the assorted mail items returned to the post office.

CENCOM advised an officer of a reported vehicle prowl in the parking lot of a Lund Avenue-facing business. The officer was met by the victim, who said he had parked his car, a white 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, on the west side of the building. The man said he had left his vehicle at 9 p.m and returned at midnight to find the driver’s side door lock severely damaged. All of the metal surrounding the lock had been peeled away. The man discovered that his tablet, pre-paid cell phone, “Jawbone Jambox” portable speaker, a pack of cigarettes, vehicle registration and proof of liability insurance were stolen from the car’s unlocked glovebox. There’s no suspect at this time, police report.

Feb. 14

An officer responded to a Bethel Avenue drug store on a report of a theft. CENCOM reported that an unknown male had selected some sexual lubricants and left the store with one of them in hand and not paid for. After the officer arrived, he checked the area for the suspect, described as a white male, 6-3, wearing a long black coat and jeans. After failing to locate the man, the officer contacted the store employee, who told him the suspect had selected several boxes of lubricants, along with a bottle of sexual performance enhancement pills and a package of gift bags. When the employee questioned the suspect after he appeared to be opening one of the boxes, the man said he “wanted to see what it looked like inside.” The suspect then discarded the selected items inside the store and left. The shoplifted item was priced at $19.01. The officer was given photo stills of the suspect from store surveillance, but the footage is so grainy that a positive ID is unlikely.

Feb. 11

An officer responded to an RV parked on property located on Starlet Lane on a report of a loud argument accompanied by slamming doors. Upon arrival, the officer contacted a female inside the RV. A second officer talked with the woman’s husband, who also was inside. She told the officer she had been arguing with her husband about finances and the fact that they were still living in an RV on someone else’s property. She said they argue often because “if you live in an RV long enough, arguments are sure to happen.” The woman stated her husband had not put his hands on her nor did she hit him. The RV’s door was slammed shut a couple of times, as well as a couple of cabinet doors. The man talking with the second officer provided a similar statement. He said the door kept slamming because he repeatedly went outside to “cool off.” Also inside the RV were three children who were believed to be ages 4 to about 12. Both parties said they were done arguing. There was no sign of a physical altercation.