Phase 2 burn ban taking effect in Kitsap County

PORT ORCHARD — A Phase 2 burn ban has been implemented by the Kitsap County Fire Marshal’s office, as of Sept. 6.

During a Phase 2 burn ban, all burning permits are suspended and all forms of outdoor burning — either general backyard or recreational — is prohibited. This includes campfires, bonfires or similar recreational burning regardless of location.

Charcoal briquettes in approved barbecues or similar appliances may still be used.

“The ban is necessary due to the ongoing dry and unseasonably warm conditions,” said David Lynam, the county’s fire marshal. “Resources across the state are stretched thin due to several large fires still out of control. There is precious little left to assist Kitsap County should something get going in our neighborhood.”

The Phase 2 ban is being implemented across Kitsap, Mason and Pierce counties, effective tomorrow. The ban will stay in effect until further notice, according to the Fire Marshal’s office.