Gymnasts balance new expectations

POULSBO — This year, members of the North Kitsap High School gymnastics team want to announce their presence — to the rest of the Narrows League and to their fans. Last year, the team got a new practice area in downtown Poulsbo, where Trek Gymnastics allows the Vikings to use its gym.

Rolling out the fire engine red carpet

KINGSTON — When Herb Todd, a founding member of Suquamish Volunteer Firefighting Association, began serving his community more than 50 years ago, there was no such thing as 911 or radio contact. There was no such thing as North Kitsap Fire & Rescue.

Drenched, blustery Yul Fest warms spirits

POULSBO — It may have been an omen when the typically “picture perfect” Miss Poulsbo Jeana Ostheller showed up looking a bit frazzled with her umbrella turned inside-out. Ostheller’s smile revealed that she was none the worse for wear though as she nestled in her fur cape for protection against fierce winds and bone-chilling rain.

Bellringer fund counts on you

What’s the right amount to donate to Bellringer? Any amount will help. We’ve had contributions from children of less than a dollar as well as very large (often anonymous) amounts. Every donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated and makes a difference in the lives of a family in North Kitsap.

Mud slide snarls traffic, delays ferry

Mother Nature gave North Kitsap motorists a double whammy with snow on Wednesday then a mud slide on Thursday morning. Thursday’s mud slide on Bainbridge Island near Reitan Road closed down State Route 305 and the Agate Pass Bridge from about 6:30 a.m. to about 8 a.m. when one lane of alternating flow traffic was restored. The slowdowns lasted until both lanes of traffic were opened in late morning and the backups were finally alleviated.

UGA: The end is near

POULSBO — It’s been like watching a couple of tennis players try to whack a bowling ball over the net, but after seven years of trial, error, confusion, derision, agreement and debate, efforts by Kitsap County and Poulsbo to create an Urban Growth Area for the city could be coming to a close later this month. Kitsap County commissioners Wednesday night said they hoped to make a final decision on the long-standing issue by the end of the year and now all city officials can do is wait and see what happens. They will not be alone.

Snowfall brings out dumbness

When an unexpected snowfall hit North Kitsap on Wednesday, residents were overcome by an urge to do dumb things.

Bellringer fund growing quickly

Bellringer donations are beginning to pour in, maybe it was the snowy weather that inspired giving, but we received donations from many old friends.

Celebrate the holiday season Kingston country style

KINGSTON — The turkey’s soup. Time to take out the tinsel. This weekend a crew of volunteers will transform downtown Kingston into a garlanded splendor. They are decorating for Kingston’s biggest event of the year — one rivaled only by the Fourth of July.

Snow day no hassle for North Kitsap students

Hey kids, what did you do during your snow day off from school?

Holiday delights await you

Thanks to donations of time and talent, the holidays offer a wealth of distinctive Kitsap seasonal fun.

Former cheerleader sues school district

POULSBO — A former cheerleader is suing the North Kitsap School District, contending that the district violated its own safety policy and rules and that violation resulted in her injury. Kelli Fredrickson, whose name was Kelli Ratley-Alvarez when she attended North Kitsap High School, claims in a suit filed in Kitsap County Superior Court that she was originally injured during an away game against Olympic High School on Oct. 8, 1998.

Setting sail into the past

POULSBO — When Capt. Ed Shields was asked why he wrote his book “Salt of the Sea,” he didn’t hesitate before responding, “I’m the only person who could do this. If I didn’t, no one would and it would be lost.” The statements are as true as the ocean is deep.

Little Norway readies to light up the holidays

POULSBO — They’re not as mean as they look. And despite the fact that they wear horned helmets, thick furs and carry such weapons as battle axes and swords, Poulsbo’s Vikings are actually a pretty decent group.

Bellringer off to a good jingle

Trips to the post office are so much more fun during the holidays because we always find the Bellringer checks waiting. Some arrive in colorful holiday cards, and others with notes remembering a loved one. and we’re glad to receive every contribution—large or small. In just our first week, the North Kitsap Bellringer Fund is already over $1,000, a joyful beginning.

Vikings’ girls basketball team aims for playoffs

POULSBO — For the North Kitsap girls’ basketball team, last year wasn’t nearly enough of a good thing. The team went 10-10 under first-year head coach Dan Weedin but didn’t make the playoffs: this year, that’s the goal.

Whose plan is it anyway?

Poulsbo and Kitsap County find their UGA planning philosophies diverge in one location--Finn Hill.

Should Little Norway grow?

POULSBO — After being delayed and derailed for the last nine years, Poulsbo’s long-awaited train of growth management progress could finally be chugging into station within the next few months. The city’s Urban Growth Area plan has been on and off the tracks countless times since the process began in 1993, stalling completely at junctions while leaving both Poulsbo and county residents wondering their attendance at numerous meetings was worth it.

Attacks of 9/11 a topic of discussion in schools

POULSBO — On Sept. 11, as the World Trade Center towers in New York were destroyed by terrorists, students at North Kitsap High School watched the unfolding tragedy on television. And while no day since has been so intense, the subject has not left the classrooms.