Thank you, Capt. Shields

A remarkable man, Capt. Ed Shields died Thursday leaving a legacy of accomplishment and unselfishness.

Poulsbo Fire crews rescue two from bay

LEMOLO — High winds and stormy seas shouldn’t have been enough to swamp Mike Bateman’s seasoned 37-foot fishing trawler in Ne-Si-Ka Bay Wednesday night, but they did. Bateman was at a loss for an explanation the next morning as he stood on the sandy shores of Lemolo with two salvaged, oil-stained wooden boxes full of computer and camera equipment that had gone down with the ship less than 24 hours before.

Wastewater arguments surface in Kingston

KINGSTON — For 10 years, Kingston has been involved in a tug of war by two opposite minded groups about a proposed wastewater treatment plant. It’s a hot topic because Kingston’s 25-year-old wastewater plant that serves about 600 families is failing and the community must build a new sewage treatment plant. According to Rick Gagnon, sewer utility manager for Kitsap County Public Works, the current wastewater plant, located in downtown Kingston, is on its last breath and is a virtual time bomb.

Cavs use fourth-quarter comeback to top Panthers

POULSBO — The shot Laura Jensen hit Tuesday afternoon wasn’t a game-winner. It wasn’t a halfcourt shot. It didn’t even tie the game. But Jensen’s quarter-court heave, which came at the end of the third quarter of the Kingston-Poulsbo game and dragged the Cavaliers within two points, may have turned the tide of the game, which the Cavs went on to win 50-41.

Students move on in history day regionals

KINGSTON — Almost 100 years after sneaking into factories to photograph brutal and abusive child labor, photographer Lewis Hine continues to inspire. Hine was the subject of Kingston Junior High ninth grader Kristen Sprague’s history day project, a display board with several of Hine’s images fixed to it.

Viking hardballers get hot on chilly day

BREMERTON — Your best friend on Wednesday, March 27 at Legion Field was your car heater. It was c-c—c-c-old.

Stephenson to run for county post

Over the last quarter century, Poulsbo resident Barbara Stephenson has balanced and blended her career in the Puget Sound banking world with equal parts community service. Stephenson, who has served over the last decade as executive director of the United Way of Kitsap County, hopes her combined experiences will equal a viable election bid for the county treasurer position this fall.

Sylvie Davidson done acting up at North Kitsap High School

POULSBO — When the final performance of “The Sound of Music” ended at North Kitsap High School March 9, it lowered the curtain on one of the most successful stage careers in the school’s history: that of Sylvie Davidson. Davidson has played a minor Shakespeare character marked for death, a high-school student gunned down by a classmate, a saucy maid in a centuries-old classic, a female Shakespeare character who masquerades as a man, a tough-minded tutor to a wild blind girl, and a governess threatened by Nazis. Classmates, teachers, and audience members have long been impressed by Davidson’s ability to occupy a character. Of Davidson’s performance as Annie Sullivan, the tutor who taught Helen Keller, drama advisor Sharon Ferguson said: “It had so much maturity. When you see it, you believe it’s real life happening in front of you. That doesn’t happen very often.”

With age comes wisdom, respect

LITTLE BOSTON — The drum beats echoed through the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribal Center Friday to honor those whose influence will be echoed by generations to come. The tribe honored its elders and inducted more members who have turned 55 years old since the last gathering. Elder honorings are usually held about twice a year.

North Kitsap plans traditional egg hunts and Easter services

Community organizations are planning egg hunts throughout North Kitsap on Saturday. Area churches have also scheduled a number of special Easter worship services on Sunday.

Getting back to normal

Our hearts are still heavy with memories of 9/11 terrorism as we prepare for Easter, a season of hope and renewal.

‘A walk in the park’ that’s anything but

POULSBO — The varying terrain of the Olympics Mountain Range has never passed so quickly beneath the feet of veteran hiker Julie Snyder as it will on June 29. That day, the eighth grade teacher at West Sound Academy and a group of nine friends will cover what amounts to a trip from Poulsbo to Sequim on foot. Fifty miles in 24 hours or less.

Catching that big caffeine wave

KINGSTON — Twas right before Christmas and all through the coffee house, not a creature was stirring, except Gail Buchanan — stirring up a double latté with non-fat milk and extra whipped cream, no doubt. Since opening Coastal Coffee on Dec. 21 at the Albertson’s shopping center in Kingston, Buchanan has been pouring out some of the best blends in North Kitsap and, more importantly, keeping a smile.

Initiatives at heart of funding tangle

Are the budget problems the fault of a failing economy, Legislative snafus, or just maybe are poorly conceived initiatives the problem with state budgets?

Prosecutors won’t seek death penalty for Lord

PORT ORCHARD––In a surprise announcement in Superior Court Friday afternoon, the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s Office announced that it will not seek the death penalty against Brian Keith Lord. Lord is accused of the murder nearly 16 years ago of North Kitsap 15-year old Tracey Parker. Lord, dressed in a jail uniform and restrained, was present in Judge Karlynn Haberly’s courtroom for the announcement. He sat quietly and appeared to be relaxed during the proceedings.

NK School district eyes state budget cuts

POULSBO — Reverberations from state budget cuts to education funding have reached North Kitsap schools. While it’s too early to tell if the state’s cuts will have any significant effect on the school district’s programs, number of teachers, or class size, the district has begun calculations on how much money it lost in the cuts.

Speak Out focuses on solutions not stereotypes

POULSBO — Icy flakes fell outside as people participated in what a few people claimed to be the county’s own snow job and others said was paramount to finding a solution. The North Kitsap session of Speak Out — one of three countywide meetings to gather input on how best to balance man’s progress with preserving nature’s resources — was held Wednesday at North Kitsap High School.

Supporting Poulsbo’s Scandinavian tradition

POULSBO — In the old days, if a Viking wanted something he usually just pillaged a foreign land and took it. Fortunately, over the centuries the group has become much more refined, even dignified, in its methods. Now, they ask politely. This is exactly what organizers of Viking Fest are doing this year as they prepare for the mid-May celebration.

Educators disappointed by low voter turnout

POULSBO — Educators in the North Kitsap School District are disappointed that voter turnout was so low on election day. Forty-four percent of registered voters voted in the North Kitsap election March 12. That’s an eleven percent drop from last year’s bond election, which drew almost 55 percent of registered voters.

America’s ‘hammer’ in the war on terrorism

POULSBO — When the war on terrorism was declared soon after Sept. 11, 2001 the very first front lines weren’t in a trench or bunker — they were on the ship deck of the USS Carl Vinson. The Bremerton-based Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier was America’s initial “hammer” to deliver enormous blows against enemy positions and activity in Afghanistan and its entrance into “Operation Enduring Freedom” truly set the stage for the theatre of battle, according to Capt. Rick Wren.