Editorial-Why we vote ‘Yes’ on EMS

Falling under the “it just makes sense” category in the upcoming elections is the Emergency Medical Services Levy.

No up, up and away for Super Lawyer

POULSBO — Besides his interest in the law, Jeff Tolman is interested in small town life.

From the Bench-Wisdom for the class of 2003

Well, you are Seniors now. The big dogs. Those with the good parking spots and late arrival or early dismissal. The ASB officers and team captains. North Kitsap High School is yours to lead now. Its character will, for the next 12 months, to a great extent will be formed by your character.

Olympic student eyes future local courses

POULSBO — Linda Larson laughs when you ask her what she wants to do after graduation.

Next treasurer to be elected in primary

At this point, at least one thing is certain: The office of Kitsap County Treasurer will stay in Democratic hands no matter who is elected to replace retiring Treasurer Sharon Shrader, since there isn’t a Republican on the ballot.

Unknown fate for totem pole

SUQUAMISH — A 39-year old landmark that’s overlooked the downtown area of the Port Madison Reservation may see an unfortunate demise in the near future.

Lions turn old stuff into green stuff

POULSBO — Labor Day weekend won’t be a time of rest for the Poulsbo Lions Club, as it once again presents its fund-raising antique show and sale.

Local author’s tale recalls thrill of flight

POULSBO — When Mike Granat’s son asked him for an account of his days as a Navy airman he did him one better — he wrote a book.

Kingston Junior High faces claim of discrimination

KINGSTON — The parents of a child in the North Kitsap School District filed a civil rights complaint against the school district in U.S. District Court earlier this month, claiming it discriminated against their child while carrying out disciplinary action.

Youth kayaker shoots for Junior Olympics

POULSBO — Local student Alden Denny is making a splash in competitive kayaking.

Mudstock rises to help Nelson Park

POULSBO — There was no mud for Mudstock. In fact, the sun shone brightly over the festival’s return to Little Norway after its six-year hiatus from the spotlight.

Star Quality service opens in Hansville

HANSVILLE — Lois Jarnagin tried for a country theme with her new coffee stand, Lone Star Espresso, which she based on her favorite country band, but it just didn’t fit with the beach theme in Hansville.

Bringing nature back to life

FOUR CORNERS — Butch Alford bought his current property based on the sole factor that there was a creek on the land. Not because it is a stone’s throw from the Hood Canal and the sounds of the shore are nearby.

‘Full meal deal’ satisfies city council

Poulsbo — The developing Olhava property will soon have something it never had before that will help construction move even faster — water and sewer.

After a 59-year wait, student earns diploma

POULSBO — The graduation ceremony held at North Kitsap High School on Monday was a little different than most. The small event was held in the front office. The principal wore a track suit instead of a robe, and the lone graduate had spent 40 years in the sheet-metal business.


Tuning things up at Mike Wallace

City says ‘no’ to outside utilities

Poulsbo — A change in the way cities can annex land means Poulsbo is changing the way it extends utilities.

Options for boat ramp still afloat

HANSVILLE — The Department of Fish and Wildlife is looking for something they can’t quite get their fingers on in an effort to help local boaters enjoy the waters around the Point No Point area.

Local Olympics promise hilarity and thrills

POULSBO — The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat have never been quite so entertaining as at the Dock Boy Olympics on the Poulsbo waterfront Sept. 5.

Days of dancing and discovering

SUQUAMISH — The weekend’s celebration in downtown Suquamish wasn’t just about enjoying frybread, watching the flying colors of beautifully ornate costumes during dance competitions or the quick strokes of the canoe racers — it was about honoring a fearless leader who is world-renowned for his work in the tiny peninsula of Kitsap County.