Chamber, HDPA get a thumbs up for lodging tax spending

POULSBO — Downtown business owners got about half of the lodging tax grant money they’d asked for last week, but no one was complaining. In fact, they were grateful.

Musgroves take a shot at creating a gathering place

POULSBO — LeAnne and David Musgrove hope more than anything that their new business will be a place where community members meet, chat and stay awhile.

Suquamish Tribe buys village square complex

SUQUAMISH — The Suquamish Tribe has taken another step forward in acquiring ownership of its tribal lands while at the same time, providing for the community.

Tribal wellness program is finally in ‘transitional’ period

SUQUAMISH — In an effort to assist its members on their paths to recovery, the Suquamish Tribe recently started the long-awaited construction of its Wellness Program Transitional House in downtown Suquamish.

Letters the the Editor

Military Traffic complaints were unpatriotic...

NK receives a mental health wake up call

POULSBO — It is safe to say that speaker Ross Szabo hit a nerve with many North Kitsap High School and Spectrum Community School students.

Thanksgiving, thanks to you

Sometimes a small town newspaper like the North Kitsap Herald forgets why it is here. Elections, schools’ happenings, planning issues, local events and the like are extremely important to everyone and vital information we do our very best to share them with our readers.

Bellringer off to running start in first few days

POULSBO — Four generous donations have already rolled in to push the 52nd annual Bellringer drive $550 toward its goal.

Family shares the gift of life in a donation

POULSBO — Michelle Stice’s family had always thought she and her grandmother were similar, but soon the two may share more than their spunky personalities.

Happy trails sought throughout Kingston

KINGSTON — A long-awaited trail that a group of residents has been seeking may have just been found.

Season twisting with potential for North wrestlers

New coaching staff says anything possible this season.

Small schools expert meets with West Sound Academy

SUQUAMISH — Dr. Judith Gray’s visit to the North End Nov. 18 was somewhat coincidental. As North Kitsap High School begins a plan to form its first small school, “Polaris International,” Gray, an expert and founder of many small learning communities, was praising one that already exists here.

NKSD prepares to test its ‘small school’ waters

POULSBO — Schools across the United States are experimenting with a new method of educating high school students. And North Kitsap High School is about to join the growing ranks.

Edwards’ memory honored by his family and neighbors

HANSVILLE — Nearly a year after Chuck Edwards’ death, his memory still lives on through his work as well as his neighbors, friends and family in Hansville.

NK boys swim focused on personal goals

Despite no divers, team poised to send swimmers to districts.

Bellringer set to toll in 2003

The Raab Foundation, the Noon Lions and the North Kitsap Herald were astounded last year by the generosity of our community. When the call for Bellringer donations went out, the state economy was in the dumps and no one was really certain whether the $25,000 goal was too high to reach. You raised more than $32,000 when all was said and done.

Community puts forth input on Old Man House

SUQUAMISH — Despite the efforts of the various community groups, attitudes have not changed much as to who should get Old Man House State Park.

Rich materials offer a flavorful feel

GAMBLEWOOD — Rebecca Lynn’s business Juicy Fabric is not to be mixed up with the gum Juicy Fruit, but the results are practically the same — appealingly colorful products that make you crave for more.

North End comp plan gets final checks and balances

FAIRGROUNDS — It took three hours but everyone left relieved. Some upset, some happy, but relieved it was finally over.

Bellringer aims to ring in another season of generosity

POULSBO — At the Raab Foundation, the spirit of Christmas is alive and well year ‘round. That’s because the money raised during the annual Bellringer drive each holiday season is doled out throughout the year to North Kitsap families in need.