The world changed between two Christmases

POULSBO — Sitting next to the sparkle of the Montclair Park Christmas tree, resident Melvin “Bud” Johnson recalled the experiences he’d had between two very different holiday seasons in his life.

Thomas’ determination adds to playtime program

POULSBO — Multiple Sclerosis has robbed Debra Thomas of the use of her legs, but it hasn’t touched her resumé, her determination, or one of her life’s loves: helping others to swim.

The town that fell asleep for six years

This is the second article in a three-part series on the past, present and future of Port Gamble.

Food bank low on meat, high in spirit

KINGSTON — There is a tiny, food-filled room in the Faith Lutheran Church in Kingston that has helped feed mouths and bring joy to families on Christmas day for the past 20 years.


Elves, Hobbits and Nerds: This ‘Ring’ towers over others

Waking up a sleeping giant

PORT GAMBLE — The small mill town known for its New England architecture and international lumber business has been quiet for the past few years.

Vikings fall to fiery Cougars on the road

SILVERDALE — Ball control problems sank the North Kitsap Vikings dreams of pulling off an upset Bridge Division victory Wednesday night against the Central Kitsap Cougars.

Editorial-Kitsap Transit gets a foothold

Washington State Ferries’ recent remark that passenger-only boats are no longer economically feasible for the agency has put commuters in quite a quandary.

City council approves new water, sewer rates

POULSBO — After nearly two years and innumerable drafts, the Poulsbo City Council finally approved new water and sewer rates this week.

Editorial-Why we wow the world…

If CNN only knew. If King 5 TV just dug a little deeper. If the “big papers” and “news moguls” had any idea, they’d see that North Kitsap’s support of Blaze the firedog — while special — is nothing out of the ordinary for the good people of this area.

Kingston puts new twist on Christmas

KINGSTON — When two horse-drawn carriages stopped by Earth Dance Pottery on West First Street on Saturday morning, the crowd that packed the art studio bustled outside to see the newest attraction to Kingston’s Country Christmas.

Orca North says good-bye to Poulsbo

POULSBO — Although it’s been a long time coming, Curt and Bobbi Owen still get choked up talking about closing Orca North.

Families and friends get sticky and ‘snowed’

POULSBO — About 30 people on Saturday afternoon packed Farm Kitchen’s garden room, strategically and meticulously decorating their homes with white icing, peppermint disks and candy canes.

Editorial: Promises… promises…

Once again, we send our holiday sympathies to Poulsbo City Hall. There, staff and council members seem to be wishing for much more than a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year — they’re also wishing for answers.

Editorial-Learning from WWII

For many World War II is a fading memory. An event that lives on only in books, movies and HBO series. The violence, brutality and inhumanity depicted horrifies us.

‘Crush the car’ a smashing success

POULSBO — Consider the woeful fate of the 1976 Vega that was parked outside Poulsbo Junior High Wednesday afternoon. Not only did it suffer the embarrassment of being a 1976 Vega — it had been towed to the school from an auto-wrecking yard, engineless and windowless; it had been covered with good-natured graffiti by students; and, as hundreds of people watched, it had a net filled with 4,200 pounds of food poised above it. And it was all in the name of charity.

Nelson farmhouse once again in limbo

POULSBO — Renovation of the Nelson Park farmhouse may soon either take a big step forward or screech to a halt.

Editorial-Let the bucks stop here…

It’s the holidays in case all the hoopla, sales, heavy newspapers,babbling television and radio promotions, lights, decorations and events didn’t tip you all off.

Hansville man was a volunteer, a leader

HANSVILLE — When Chuck Edwards retired from his career at Chevron after nearly 40 years and settled down in Hansville in 1983, he immediately jumped into another type of work — volunteering to make his community better.

Plant sale budding at Poulsbo Junior High

POULSBO — The Poulsbo Junior High winter plant sale will be in full bloom from Dec. 5-7.