Editorial-NKSD should check new site

There has been a lot talk about old missile sites and new schools here lately. As the North Kitsap School District continues with plans to build the new Kingston High School, several residents have raised concerns that the site is located near a decommissioned Nike missile site.

Doubleheader showcases Kitsap All-Stars

BREMERTON — Between them, they had more than 20 All-League Selections, several MVPs and a handful of college scholarships.

Fireworks on Fjord not a dud, say organizers

POULSBO — Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And yes, Poulsbo, there will be a Third of July fireworks display.

The folks who make NK Success succeed

Each year, students in North Kitsap select mentors in the NK Success Program who had a profound impact on their lives to receive Impact Awards. To show it’s continuing support of this worthy program, the Herald publishes the winning entries from each level. We take our hats off not just to the winners but to everyone who volunteers his or her time and effort to make the program what it is — truly a success.

Instructor hopes Parks and Recs aikido finds enthusiasts in NK

POULSBO — The hardest part of aikido may be the part where the linoleum meets the carpet.

Kingston residents vie for new school site

KINGSTON — As the North Kitsap School District readies its site plans for the Kingston High School, those plans are being questioned by Kingston residents.

Editorial-Looking forward to laundry day…

First and foremost, congratulations to the graduating seniors of 2003. You’ve all worked hard these past four or five years and deserve a little breather from pencils, books, teachers (their dirty looks) and the daily pressures of high school. We know that for a while it may have seemed that the world revolved around North Kitsap.

Old Man Park caught in tug-o-war

SUQUAMISH — Several parties interested in either ownership or assistance in maintaining of the Old Man House State Park have moved forward in working to keep the park as it is — open to the public.

The Cavs are playing in a travelling band

KINGSTON — A successful year is drawing to a close for the Kingston Junior High Band.

Sapling snatcher takes family tree off Fjord Drive

POULSBO — The first-ever Celebration Trees to be planted in Little Norway was news that city staff applauded last month. But those cheers turned to jeers this week #when one of the trees was stolen over the weekend.

Editorial-Austurbruin ready to blast

You’ve really got to hand it to the folks at the Austurbruin. They know how to get things done. They know how to get the community involved to improve their neighborhood and most of all — they know how to accomplish all this and have a good time doing it.

Small kids with huge hearts fill a big need

KINGSTON — The response three young Kingstonites received from their neighbors on Barrett Road during a self-organized money drive for Poulsbo Fishline was bigger than expected.

SCA brings on the knights to North Kitsap

PORT GAMBLE — Members of the Kingdom of An Tir converged upon the hills of the former mill town, changing it from a quiet community to an elegant and chivalrous step back in time last weekend. The alteration was embraced with open arms.

Hoover stutters to fourth at Star Track

PASCO — A little stutter step down the backstretch of the 300 intermediate hurdles race at Star Track XXI slowed down Kolby Hoover just enough to move the North Kitsap track star from the front to finish in the middle of the pack.

Little League celebrates golden anniversary

POULSBO — When North Kitsap Little League began 50 years ago, the field that would eventually become Snider Park was nothing but stumps.

Local helps grieving family turn tragedy into triumph

POULSBO — Call it more of a reunion than a first introduction. Walking through the halls of the Silverdale Red Lion this week, Poulsbo resident Emily Jensen scanned faces in the crowd for Debra Rosacker.

Editorial-Back to the Future part IV

You probably won’t run into Marty McFly or Doc Brown this weekend in Port Gamble and while the lumber town will be filled with knights, ladies and squires, casting crews from “Back to the Future IV” probably won’t be on hand either.

Prince offers up backyard education

POULSBO — The 20-acre property off Stevens Uhler Road is many things to two groups of community members.

Broadband ship comes in for Port of Poulsbo

POULSBO — This month, the Port of Poulsbo will go high-tech when it hooks up to its own wireless broadband Internet system.

Fireworks stands open for the season

SUQUAMISH — Not only does Memorial Day weekend get people geared up for the summer in the Northwest, but so do certain businesses lining Highway 305 that are made from plywood and sell hundreds of cases of colorful explosives.