Congress agrees on a last-minute stop-gap budget measure

But permanent budget still elusive as negotiations continues over next three weeks.

WASHINGTON — On the brink of a massive government shutdown after Congress failed to agree to a new budget bill, the Senate and, later, the House has passed a short-term measure that will give congressional negotiators more breathing room to craft a permanent bill.

The approval follows three days of nail-biting, rancorous debate on the Senate floor between Republicans, who sought an extension that didn’t include DACA legislation, and Democrats, who decried that omission, as well as the addition of billions for a Mexican border wall.

Senate Democrats dropped their objections to the deal ahead of a noon vote on a key procedural measure that needed the minority party’s support to end the impasse. Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic minority leader, said Democrats allow the bill to move forward in exchange for assurances by the Republican leadership that Congress would revisit a larger immigration bill in upcoming weeks.

After the Senate agreed on compromise legislation, House members then swiftly approved the stopgap measure, 266-150. President Trump is expected to sign it, averting a government shutdown.

As a result of the last-minute agreement, funding to keep government operations going, including those in Kitsap County, will continue flowing through the government pipeline.