Off The Beatn Path

Mount Seymour Winterlove festival a great way to say ‘see ya’ to the snowy season.

Spring may be in the air but it’s time for some Winterlove on Mount Seymour.

Winterlove 2001, a celebration of winter’s end, will provide local boarders and skiers an opportunity to not only listen to bands like Swollen Members and The Rascalz, but carve up the slopes during the wee morning hours normally reserved for ravers.

The festival, which features a Big Air competition with riders such as Etienne Gilbert, Jason Brown, Roberta Rodger and Precilla Levac competing for $10,000 in prize money, starts at 8 p.m. this Saturday and runs through to 6 a.m. on Sunday.

The idea evolved from the Summerlove all night music festival that hits a major B.C. campsite each July.

“People love to come at night,” said Lindsay Reinelt, a spokesperson for Winterlove. “Some event organizers spend hundreds of thousands on events that take place during the day and they get 300 people. If you combine the all-night aspect with the sporting event it works.”

Winterlove was supposed to be held on Seymour last winter but had to be moved to Hemlock due to a fire on the mountain, according to Reinelt.

“Seymour is a great local mountain. It’s well respected in the snowboarding community, it’s close to Vancouver and it’s beautiful.”

Reinelt said maximum capacity for Winterlove 2001 is 3,200. Last year at Hemlock 2,500 showed up for the festival and “it’s quite the drive to Hemlock really,” she noted.

There are two different concert stages. One is located by Mystery Chair and the other by Lodge Chair, where the Big Air competition will be staged. Bands hit the stage at 9 p.m. Saturday and play all night and morning. Swollen Members perform at 3 a.m.; Rascalz at 3:40 a.m.

The event throws a wrench in the plans of those who would like to turn the North Shore and Greater Vancouver into a no-fun zone. Although, the fun will come with a price tag of $40, which includes the lift ticket. And only those with skis or a snowboard will be allowed to ride the chairlifts.

Parking is limited, so those planning to attend are asked to carpool or risk being sent back down the mountain to catch a ride up with others. Tickets are available at Mount Seymour, G-House Productions (562 Beatty St., Vancouver) or at the gate.