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Public buildings:

Public buildings:

your safety and ours

In the United States, about 3,000 people perish in fires every year. That toll is one of the highest per capita of all industrialized nations. Eighty percent of this country’s fire deaths occur in homes. This is, in part, because more stringent fire-safety standards are imposed on buildings accessible to the public: stores, motels, schools, offices, etc.

As part of our mission to protect the community’s lives and property, we want to do what we can to ensure a higher level of safety is maintained. As a result, local businesses are seeing us more frequently as we dedicate additional resources to fire prevention inspections and pre-incident planning.

Before conducting one of our visits, we usually call the business in advance to set an appointment. Often, people simply aren’t aware of the danger posed by the things we might point out during an inspection. Regular fire inspections can also keep fire insurance rates in check. So, we see these visits as an opportunity to partner with these folks to help them stay open and operating; as many as 75 percent of businesses struck by fire don’t re-open.

While we’re at a business, we are also collecting information to ensure our crews know more about the buildings to which they may respond. This helps firefighters deal with future incidents more effectively and safely. We have much to do, locating all of our community’s businesses and making visits to each one. But we know it’s important work to protect businesses, customers, firefighters and the area’s fire insurance rates. If you’d like to schedule your business inspection or learn more about the program, contact Michèle Laboda at or (360) 297-3619.

Sept. 11 breakfast

Join us for our sixth annual community breakfast in memory of the September 11th tragedy. Once again, we are remembering that tragic day by bringing neighbors together to find strength in one another’s company while enjoying a hearty continental breakfast provided by our firefighters in partnership with the Suquamish Clearwater Casino. Although the meal is free, we will be collecting donations for Kitsap YWCA whose mission is the empowerment of women and the elimination of racism. The YWCA also operates the ALIVE shelters (for victims of domestic violence) in Bainbridge/North Kitsap and Bremerton. We hope to see you there, from 7-10 a.m. Sept. 11.

Back to school

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends again when kids return to school Sept. 3 and, shortly thereafter, we resume our school-based safety programs with kindergartners and third-graders at Suquamish, Wolfle and Gordon elementary schools. Remember that kiddos will be making their way to school again, and pay special attention to their safety when you’re out on the roads.

Michèle Laboda is Community Services Specialist for North Kitsap Fire & Rescue. Contact her at (360) 297-3619 ext. 14.