No-contact advisory for Port Orchard waterfront, Ross Creek following sewage spill

PORT ORCHARD — A seven-day no-contact advisory for Port Orchard’s waterfront and Ross Creek was issued Tuesday, March 14 by the Kitsap Public Health District following a spill of sewage into the creek and waters of Sinclair Inlet earlier that day.

The advisory was issued following the sewage discharge report by the City of Port Orchard.

According to Thomas Hunter, Port Orchard public works supervisor, the spill occurred this morning between 9-10:24 a.m. at a lift station near Old Clifton Road. Estimated spill volume was 27,500 gallons.

The advisory is in effect through March 21. It includes the shoreline of Sinclair Inlet from the mouth of Anderson Creek to the public access point at the end of Rockwell Street in downtown Port Orchard. Advisory signs are being posted at public access points along the shoreline, according to the public health district. While there are few locations where people are likely to come into contact with Ross Creek, advisory signs are being posted near the site of the spill at 1190 Old Clifton Rd., and at the mouth of Ross Creek near Bay Street.

“During a no-contact advisory, the public is advised to avoid contact with the water in the affected area,” said Karen McKay Bevers, public information officer with the Kitsap Public Health District.

“This means that the district recommends against swimming, wading or types of water recreation or play where water could be swallowed or get in the mouth, nose or eyes. People should also avoid direct skin contact if possible, and immediately wash with soap and water if they have exposure to the water.”

An FAQ document about no-contact advisories is available on the district’s website at

An existing closure for recreational shellfish harvesting is in effect for Sinclair Inlet due to ongoing non-point pollution.

Kitsap Public Health provides information on shellfish harvesting, beach closures and other public health topics via the district’s website, Facebook page, and the Kitsap Electronic Notification System (KENS) list serve.