NKSD to consolidate music, art at secondary schools

Declining enrollment factor in decision

Since the start of COVID-19, North Kitsap School District has been experiencing a decline in enrollment, which has resulted in reducing staffing levels.

“This is not unique to NKSD,” communications spokesperson Jenn Markaryan said. “School districts across the state and the nation are dealing with enrollment declines.”

Furthermore, in the district’s secondary schools, there has been a shift in the kinds of electives students are selecting. NKSD has had a decline in registration in the music programs at Kingston and Poulsbo middle schools, along with North Kitsap and Kingston high schools, Markaryan noted.

As a result, school leaders and music teachers have come up with a solution that creates continuity in music programs in grades 6-12. The district will continue to offer band at both middle schools and high schools, with the two band directors cultivating a program from beginning to advanced. The same will happen with Poulsbo Middle and NKHS having the same choral instructor for grades 6-12.

“Both programs will be staffed by experienced teachers who are passionate about building a vibrant program for students,” Markaryan said.

At both high schools, NKSD will continue to provide various types of visual and performing art electives, based on student interest and enrollment. This includes drawing and art classes, photography, video production and more. “While there may be fewer choices based on current enrollment, we will still have visual and performing art classes available for every student,” Markaryan said.