NKSD setting improvement plans

The North Kitsap School District is setting its School and District Improvement Plans for 2022-23.

One goal is to increase proficiency in reading, but it actually went down drastically in kindergarten from 68% last spring to 46% this fall.

Another goal is to increase attendance. That has seen improvement from 90% in the fall of 2021-22 to 92% this fall.

A third goal is increase percentage of students improving in Language Arts and math. Those results are mixed with sixth-graders in ELA actually dropping from 60% to 43.5% while 10th-graders improved from 57% to 67% last year comparing fall and spring results.

Math, meanwhile, improved at every level with the best in fifth grade going from 31% to 44.4%.

A fourth goal is to increase the percentage of graduates in four years. That has actually declined from 93.4% in 2019 to 84.7% in 2021.

The district also is taking a look at its policies and procedures.

One is a legislative mandate to require school boards to adopt a plan for their district to develop and implement a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses students social-emotional, academic and career development needs.

President Biden has asked the Department of Education to review laws concerning sexual harassment of district staff so a change in that policy is likely forthcoming.

Another says lockdown drills will not include live simulations of active shooter scenarios that are not trauma informed and age and developmentally appropriate. That one also includes updating safe school plans and reunification sites.

Another says districts must not file truancy petitions earlier than seven unexcused absences in a month and no later than 15 in a year.

Parents also would have access to observing classrooms as long as they are not disruptive in another policy update. Another says dangerous weapons are not allowed at any time.

Meanwhile, the district is looking to replace the NKHS track, a move to improve athlete safety. Cost would be almost $328,000. Construction will include removing the old surface and replacing it with a new one. Work would take place next summer break from June 16 to July 31, 2023.

The district also is looking to spend almost $112,600 on three Electric Vehicle Bus Chargers. Matthews Electric, a Poulsbo firm, won the bid and will do the work during winter break Dec. 19 to Jan. 2. The district’s three new electric buses are set to arrive Jan. 31, 2023.

Also, donations in the fourth quarter total almost $42,170. They include: more than $15,000, plus another $3,785, for Vinland Elementary for library books and supplies from the Read-A-Thon; more than $3,550 from a grant for districtwide media tapes; $2,864 for North Kitsap High School for baseball equipment from NK Athletic Boosters; and anonymous donation of $2,650 for food services to help students in need; and $2,263 for NKHS for footballs and uniforms, also from the boosters.

In other news:

•A budget status report was given. Highlights include: enrollment slightly less than forecasted, primarily in kindergarten and 11th grade. Fund balance higher than normal due to COVID revenues, but annual deficit expected in foreseeable future. Expect expenditures to be higher than normal due to COVID on both operations and learning recovery support.

•Kingston Middle School Cavalier Marching Corps band and drill team is planning an overnight trip to perform at the Portland Junior Rose Festival Parade in Oregon.

•The district plans to keep a minimum fund balance of not less than 5% with a goal of 7% each year.