NKSD approves 3 new secondary classes for next year

The North Kitsap School District board recently approved three new secondary courses for its schools next year.

The three classes are AP Precalculus (high school), Medical Detectives, and Design and Modeling (both for middle school). AP Precalculus will be full credit while the other two will be half-credits.

Regarding the three classes, documents say:

AP Precalculus is a research-based exploration of functions that is designed to better prepare students for college-level calculus and provide grounding for other mathematics and science courses. Students study a broad spectrum that is foundational for careers in mathematics, physics, biology, health science, social science and data science.

For the Medical Detectives class, students will play the role of real-life medical detectives as they collect and analyze medical data to diagnose diseases. Students solve medical mysteries through hands-on projects and labs, measure and interpret vital signs, examine nervous system structure and function, and investigate disease outbreaks.

In Design and Modeling, students will discover the design process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives, per documents. Students are then challenged and empowered to use and apply what they’ve learned to design a therapeutic toy for a child who has cerebral palsy.

PGST recommendations

The school board also met with members of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe March 9 to receive input and recommendations on how both entities can work better together. There were three main recommendations:

1) NKSD will improve the consultation process with the tribe, respecting the formal process of early and consistent involvement of both tribal leadership and staff.

2) NKSD will commit to enhancing the educational experience of PGST students by incorporating S’Klallam traditional practices, history, culture and language into the programming and curriculum in all grade levels, special education and alternative learning programs at Wolfle Elementary, Kingston Middle School and Kingston High School.

3) NKSD will allocate resources and support to ensure the Academic Coaches have the means of supporting PGST students in classes, one on one, via Google Classroom and district e-mail.