New machinist business races into Kingston

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photo Leonard Christie of Kingston has the pedal to the metal with his new mechanic and machinist business opening its doors. Christie has over 20 years work experience, but has spent a lifetime gaining knowledge about the field. "

“Christie Machine offers knowledge and expertise to fill machinist and mechanic needs. KINGSTON – It’s a beauty, a life-sized Matchbox racer of sorts, but what sets Leonard Christie’s 1972 Dodge Charger apart from other classic hot rods is the fact that it is uniquely his. Every bolt, screw and wire in the impressive machine were set in place by Christie. It took me about a year to build, but I did everything on it myself, he said, satisfied. Machine work is nothing new to the Kingston resident – in fact, one might say it’s a way of life for him. He’s been fixing things ever since he was a kid and spent over 20 years as a machinist and industrial mechanic. Until just a few years ago that is, when his experience in the field prompted him to strike out on his own. He opened Christie Machine on Lindvog Road recently, making his dream of being his own boss in a controlled environment come true. Like any good journeyman, Christie said he has the ability to adapt to almost any job. When asked how he determines exactly what is wrong with a piece of equipment, he smiled before answering. Look at it first, he joked. Actually, it depends on what it’s doing or isn’t doing. You need to know what the machine is supposed to do, find the part that isn’t working properly and take care it. Experience over the past several decades has taught Christie that if it’s broke, more often than not he can fix it. He admitted, I’m pretty good at what I do. To this end, he spends a good deal of his time making old equipment run like new. His other work-related moments are dedicated to creating. Christie, who is licensed, bonded and insured, does a fair amount of welding as well, creating everything from custom brackets and racks to handrails. I’ve always been very fond of Dodge Chargers, he said, noting that he had recently started drag racing in Bremerton. I don’t have a lot of experience at it, but my first race was in the high 11s. (Meaning that his ’72 covers the quarter-mile strip in less than 12 seconds flat.) That’s pretty fast for a beginner, he said. Not bad for a car that’s almost three decades old either. The engine, a 440 Magnum, is actually a 1970, a transplant from one of Christie’s earlier cars. He’s held onto it ever since he was 18 years old. I’ve always been kind of a hot rodder. he explained. When asked if he had a special name for his bright orange ride, Christie shrugged before saying, I pretty much just call it the hot rod. Christie Machine and Welding 360-297-5237 27527 Lindvog Road Kingston “