New Denny’s in Poulsbo open 24 hours

They all were before COVID; now some close at night

A new Denny’s location recently opened in Poulsbo off Highway 305, and it’s open 24 hours a day.

A ribbon cutting was held Nov. 14 at the restaurant known for breakfast. The building has been remodeled and features pictures of Poulsbo inside.

John Reynolds, director of operations, and Steve Kim, franchisee, are running the restaurant. They both run five other Denny’s locations, four in Washington and one in Oregon.

“We have a preference for opening restaurants in smaller communities because we go in there and do a great job,” Reynolds said. “Everything’s tailored around trying to keep the unique look of the location. It really fits in this market.”

There are about 50 staff members but Reynolds said the restaurant is looking to hire around 85. He said about 95% of the people they’ve hired live within 10 minutes of the eatery.

Reynolds said the concept of this location was to be open 24 hours, something he said was standard for every Denny’s before the pandemic hit. Since then, some locations now close at night. Four out of the six Denny’s that Reynolds and Kim run are open 24 hours.

Poulsbo Mayor Becky Erickson gave a shout-out to Denny’s at the Nov. 16 City Council meeting.

“There was a huge social media response,” she said. “People seem to be happy and thrilled. It’s beautiful inside; they completely decorated it with things about Poulsbo. I would not have thought Denny’s would get quite the reception they have but it’s been packed.”

The new Denny’s is located at 760 NE Liberty Road. In Kitsap County, there’s also a Denny’s in Bremerton.

A vibrant Poulsbo sign above one of the booth’s at Denny’s.

A vibrant Poulsbo sign above one of the booth’s at Denny’s.

The inside of the new Denny’s.

The inside of the new Denny’s.