Mathews, candidate for Bremerton City Council District 1, wants transparency in taxes and utility bills

BREMERTON — Allen Mathews, an electrical maintenance supervisor and Navy veteran, has announced his candidacy for Bremerton City Council District 1 in the Nov. 7 election.

District 1 is represented by Patricia Sullivan, who was appointed in September 2015 to complete the term of her husband, Mike Sullivan, who died in office. District 1 is one of four council positions that will be on the ballot this year. Council members are elected to four-year terms and are paid $12,276 a year.

Mathews, 27, said he decided to run because he wants to see some things change in local government.

“I’m a big fan of government transparency,” Mathews said. “I like (elected officials) to have integrity; I don’t think some of the City Council, or Mayor (Patty) Lent, show that right now.”

Mathews is an electrical maintenance supervisor with Talgo. Before that, he worked in industrial maintenance after spending seven years serving in the Navy.

As a City Council member, Mathews said one of his priorities would be transparency in taxes and utility bills.

“I’ve been talking with former councilman Roy Runyon,” Mathews said. “He’s working on an initiative to make sure the city shows the tax breakdown on water utility bills. (I want to work) on bringing that to light a little more.”

He said he wants to make that more transparent, as well as where tax revenue goes. For example, he said tax revenue from water utility bills goes to the city’s general fund, about $5 million of it, and about $275,000 goes to street maintenance, like sidewalks.

“I don’t like being taxed. I don’t like being taxed where I don’t see it,” Mathews said.

Asked why he would appeal to voters, Mathews said one of the biggest things is that he’s a younger, new face in local politics, “not the same old, same old.”

“Check me out. Get to know me,” Mathews said. “I’m ready to have a dialogue.”

Voters can contact Mathews at, 360-865-0583 or on Facebook at

Michelle Beahm is a reporter for Kitsap News Group. She can be reached at