More charges filed against former Olympic High School cheer coach

Victim alleged multiple sexual encounters with Ebert on different occasions

Former Olympic High School cheer coach, Tyson A. Ebert, has been accused by another student of sexual misconduct.

Ebert, 25, was initially arrested Dec. 5 for one count of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor. On Monday, Kitsap County prosecutors filed an additional three counts of sexual misconduct against Ebert in superior court.

After Ebert’s arrest, several people called the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office about Ebert to report two other potential victims, a certificate of probable cause states. A witness told a KCSO detective that the second victim confessed they had been in a sexual relationship with Ebert while they were a cheerleader.

Another witness confirmed what the first witness said and additionally claimed to have attended parties at Ebert’s apartment during which he would provide alcohol to teens. During these parties, the witness said to have seen the second victim “disappear” with Ebert at the end of the night and then emerge from his bedroom in the morning, documents read.

After the detective interviewed the second victim, they admitted they had been in a sexual relationship with Ebert from January 2019 to July 2019 while they were a cheerleader at Olympic High School. The victim advised they spent “every other weekend” at Ebert’s apartment and engaged in sexual activities on six different occasions, according to documents. The victim would have been 17 years old at the beginning of the relationship and 18 by the end of the relationship.

The other alleged third victim stated to a deputy that they had sex with someone associated with cheerleading however, they refused to identify who that person was, the detective wrote. A witness advised that both victims were often seen coming and going from cheerleading practice with Ebert. The victim would have been 15-years-old at the beginning of the summer break and 16 by the end of summer break when the alleged incidents would have occurred, documents say.

Both victims received phone calls from Ebert after his release from jail Dec. 6. The second victim refused to say what they spoke about, while the third victim spoke with a Special Assault Unit interviewer and denied anything occurred, documents read. Ebert was arrested again and booked into Kitsap County Jail last Friday.

The detective wrote in the certificate of probable cause that Ebert’s phone calls to the two victims after he was initially released from jail suggests both victims are “possibly being tampered with.”

“Detectives are still continuing to conduct interviews and gather information about victim #3,” documents state. “There is no probable cause to arrest (Ebert) for being in a relationship with victim #3 at this time.”

Last week, the Central Kitsap School Board voted unanimously to terminate Ebert from his coaching position.