Missing Kingston woman found in New York City

An 18-year-old Hansville woman picked up outside Times Square in New York City with full amnesia has been identified as Kacie Peterson.

KINGSTON — An investigation into the disappearance and reappearance of Kacie Aleece Peterson, 18, is leaving just as many questions as answers.

The teen, who was living just outside Kingston with friends of her deceased mother and attending Kingston High, was reported missing on Oct. 2.

According to a report on CNN , Peterson resurfaced on Oct. 9 in midtown Manhattan. She had no recollection of who she was or how she go to to New York.

Dubbed Jane Doe, she was put under the care of New York City Administration of Children’s Services. Her picture was broadcast on CNN and several callers identified her as Peterson, said Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Deputy Scott Wilson.

Peterson grew up in Colville, where her father still lives, and was in Kingston since June.

While looking into the missing person report, sheriff’s deputies discovered all Peterson’s possessions — including her wallet, cell phone and her clothes — were left at her temporary residence. Her Bank of America bank account, which had about $450, was emptied and deputies found her bike chained up at the Kingston Albertsons, Wilson said. They also found she had made some local purchases before the missing person report was filed.

Wilson could not confirm whether Peterson was using a credit card in the time she was reported missing. He also said the person who filed the missing person report requested the media not be notified.

Her name was not released to the media until Oct. 25.

On Sunday night, Wilson said her father was either on his way to New York to pick up Peterson or was planning the trip.

More details will be posted as they become available.