Mayor Wheeler declares emergency for burst Gorst sewer pipe

Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler declares an emergency for a sewer main repair in Gorst.

Late Thursday afternoon, a system overpressure shattered a section sewer pipe while Bremerton maintenance crews were investigating and troubleshooting a routine operational issue within the Gorst sewer pump station system.

No sewage spill occurred because of the configuration of the system which is encased within another pipe. Bremerton maintenance crews responded to the site, remained overnight and will continue a 24/7 presence while repairs proceed. Sewage flowing into the pump station is currently being transported by tanker truck to a collection point further downstream.

Given that this situation must be corrected as soon as possible, I have determined the appropriate course of action is to declare an emergency,” Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler said. “This will enable Bremerton to focus any and all City resources necessary to address this issue, as well as provide the framework for requesting additional help from outside the City if necessary.”

The City of Bremerton will coordinate repair work with Washington State Department of Transportation, as the shoulder lane of State Route 16 will need to be closed periodically to complete the repairs. The fractured sewer line runs generally parallel to the highway.

For questions, please contact or by calling 360-473-5920.