Mayor is looking for ‘one word’ to describe Port Orchard

City survey asks community for a descriptive word to adorn new community event center

PORT ORCHARD — Mayor Rob Putaansuu is looking for just the right “word.”

Putaansuu and the city are asking the public to suggest ideas for “one word” that celebrates Port Orchard. And that one word could be incorporated into the exterior design of the planned Port Orchard Community Event Center and Library facility, which will be sited downtown on the waterfront.

Members of the public are being asked to provide their suggestions online at

The wordplay is to be added in large letters on the exterior face of the building, the design of which is being done by Bremerton-based Rice Fergus Miller Architecture. The firm’s current conceptual design includes the word ‘Community’ on one end of the building in large letters and “Event Center” on the other side.

The mayor said he’d like community members to give their input on what they believe should adorn the building — and he thinks someone may have a better idea.

“I really like the way the word ‘Community’ wraps around the two sides of the building in the conceptual drawings,” Putaansuu said. “I especially like how the word ‘Unity’ is created when you face the building head-on, and it made me think that there must be a better idea than ‘Event Center’ for the other side of the facility.”

The mayor said the “one-word” survey is an opportunity for the community to make a statement about what makes Port Orchard so special.

“Since this facility is intended for the benefit and enrichment of the public, I thought that asking the public to help could be a meaningful exercise,” Putaansuu said.

The survey will be online through April 10.