Man steals cash, cannibas in Bremerton

A 35-year-old Bremerton man was charged in Kitsap County Superior Court Feb. 13 for stealing cash and cannibas products from the Novel Tree.

He also was charged with taking a car without permission when a woman let him stay at her home during inclement weather in November. He faces five years and a $10,000 fine on that charge. He faces 10 years and $20,000 in fines for robbery in the second degree. Bail was set at $100,000.

Court papers say the man is suspected of robbing the Novel Tree July 4 and Dec. 29 of last year, along with Feb. 4 this year. Each time he hinted that he had a weapon, and a few times it was seen. He also said he was sorry, but he had a sick kid.

The man also is a suspect in a sheriff’s case at a robbery in Silverdale at the Fillabong. Camera footage confirms the identity of the man by his mannerisms and the clothes he wears.

While papers say he lives in Bremerton, he says he is homeless and lives in his car wherever he can park it from Port Orchard to Poulsbo.