Man convicted in Bainbridge homicide threatens officer during pat down search

Glaser was found guilty of killing his former boss on Wednesday, May 29

An inmate at the Kitsap County Jail, Brian Glaser, threatened a police officer last week while being patted down in booking.

Glaser was convicted on Wednesday of murdering his former employer, Donald Duckworth in 2018. Glaser has given officers a hard time recently regarding pat-down searches according to an incident report. As the officer told Glaser that a pat search was going to be conducted, he stated “I don’t want you to touch me” and “you can’t touch me.”

When the officer began the search, Glaser allegedly stated “Now I have you.” The officer then asked Glaser what he said, to which he replied “I’m gonna get you” with a smile on his face, according to the incident report. The officer responded by telling Glaser that he is not to threaten officers and then placed him in handcuffs.

The report reads that once Glaser was put back in his cell, he continually stated that he was an undercover officer.

The officer stated in the incident report that “because of Glaser’s … charges and testimony that I have heard in the trial, I felt like the threat that Glaser made was credible.”