Man arrested after allegedly assaulting girlfriend and dragging her with his car

Adrian Q. Ibarra was arrested for second-degree assault, hit and run, and possession of meth

A man was arrested Tuesday in Bremerton after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and dragging her with a vehicle down an alleyway.

According to a certificate of probable cause, a witness of the scene on Rainier Avenue told a Bremerton police officer that he heard intense arguing and a loud bang outside his apartment. After the witness went to his window to observe what was going on, he saw a female being drug by a vehicle down the alleyway. The witness also stated that he believed the “bang” he heard was the vehicle colliding with the fence post in the alleyway.

The witness went on to state that he observed the male driver “throw the female out of the vehicle,” who then fell to the ground before she was dragged by the car, which he estimated had been traveling around 15 mph. The victim sustained a scrape to her elbow area and was also complaining of extreme back pain. She told investigators that she believed she was dragged by the vehicle for approximately 100 feet, documents read.

The victim stated to officers that she and the suspect, Adrian Q. Ibarra, had been dating for about four months, but nothing like this had ever happened before. She said the incident started when she got into an argument with Ibarra while the vehicle was parked in the alley behind her mother’s house.

She also alleged that Ibarra was saying horrible things to her in front of her son and he wanted her to get her stuff out of his car before the argument became physical, according to documents. While the victim was reaching into the car to grab her belongings, Ibarra started driving away, allegedly causing the door to hit her in the head and knocking her to the ground before being dragged by the car.

A BPD officer spoke with the child, who was a witness to the altercation in the vehicle. He described that Ibarra put his bicep around the back of her neck and his forearm on the front of her neck.

When officers spoke with Ibarra, he claimed he was punched at least four times by the victim in the face and was slapped. He also stated she was drinking and threw an open can of beer at him while he was driving.

“As I looked at (Ibarra), I did not see any visible injuries,” a BPD officer wrote.

Ibarra also denied assaulting the victim at any point, documents state. As the officer began to search him, a small glass pipe and a small ziplock baggie of suspected meth were found. Ibarra was arrested and transported to Kitsap County Jail for second-degree assault, hit and run, and possession of meth, with a bail of $65,000. The victim was transported to Harrison Medical Center for treatment.