Longtime commissioner looks to retain her Village Green Park seat against newcomer

Bobbie Moore has held her seat since 2010

Incumbent Bobbie Moore will be looking to retain her commissioner 1 position for the Village Green Metropolitan Park District against challenger Sherri Kelsay at the Nov. 2 election.

The position is a six-year term. Moore has been an elected commissioner since 2010. Moore chose to answer questions from the North Kitsap Herald but Kelsay did not so her information came from the voters’ pamphlet.

Bobbie Moore

What is your education, work and political experience that qualifies you for the position?

I have been commissioner of the Village Green MPD for 11 years, since its inception. This MPD was created to maintain and operate the community center at the Village Green. The other commissioners and I have shaped our jobs to suit the voters’ purposes – to keep tax rates low, volunteer as much and as often as possible, and put our shoulders to the wheel to help get the building built, then operate it inexpensively with an eye to its long-term viability. We have done that, together with our staff and volunteers. This experience itself drew on much of my work and education – degrees in language, certification as a management accountant, corporate training and development, team leadership, group facilitation, and my Kingston experience in supporting parks, trails and open space. I am also a trustee of Martha & Mary and serve on my church council.

What are your top 3-5 concerns?

We have fresh opportunities to team up with our partners to seek funding for joint projects to improve the building and amenities. Examples include improvement of the tennis courts, sound deadening panels in the gym, upgrading our computers for classes and public use, and installation of a gas fireplace in the building lobby.

A further goal is to improve the woods in (the) back of the building so that the area is attractive to recreational users, especially families.

The commissioners just last month identified goals and projects for next year and beyond. We will aggressively seek grants and additional funding sources. For instance, the solar panels funded by a group of local investors are now MPD property, and the solar energy generated adds about $8,000 to the MPD’s budget starting in 2021.

We have also included addressing needs of the homeless in our planning.

Why vote for you rather than your opponent?

I’m known in the community to be fully devoted to the Village Green as well as other community efforts. I’ve been on-site week in and week out since before the MPD was formed. My viewpoint is informed and my relationships with the rest of the commissioners, the Kingston branch of Kitsap Regional Library, Boys & Girls Club staff, and MPD staff and volunteers, are well-established. Now’s not the time to opt for inexperience.

Sherri Kelsay

Information gleaned from the voters pamphlet

What is your education, work and political experience that qualifies you for the position?

Graduated high school with GED from John Hancock College, attended Reedley Community College for four years studying Administration of Justice and Child Development. Customer service and hospitality; advocate for youth recovery in abuse and addiction. Also, as a recovering addict, I served as meeting chairperson and group secretary. As a professionally licensed CNA, I cared for the elderly in a memory care community. I continue to serve my community any way I can and often organize and coordinate events.

What are your top 3-5 concerns?

Our community of Kingston, and beyond, deserves to have a safe, clean park for our families to enjoy. A place that is all-inclusive and accessible to everyone. With everything our nation has been through, I think Village Green can be the place that sets the ultimate example of unity.

I’d like to build on partnerships with local businesses, and individuals, continuing to improve our park, increasing safety, maintenance and cleaning up the drug paraphernalia for good. I’d love to redirect our young people away from unhealthy activities by creating an interactive setting for better living, even creating opportunity for court-ordered “community service” obligations to be fulfilled cleaning up our park, strengthening their investment in the community.

I’d like to see more activites that nurture and instill creativity and community. Let’s bring more organized events, modernized play structures, public involvement, and unify neighbors while recovering from a difficult year.

Why vote for you rather than your opponent?

We need innovation, so let’s hit that reset button together and bring our park and community center back to life. With my experience and passionate nature, it would be my honor to serve as your park commissioner.

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