Locals win awards for movie short

A number of locals are part of an award-winning movie short called “Chicken and Mr. Birke.”

The film was written by novelist, poet and painter Sara Mossman, along with her husband, Duncan Birke.

The seven-minute puppet film won an Accolade Global Film Competition of Merit for Children/Family Programming.

Kevin Veatch, who has owned the Dancing Brush Contemporary Ceramics Painting Studio on Front Street in Poulsbo for years, is the director. He is also an accomplished musician and sound effects artist.

Another local, Mia McGlinn, won the Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Recognition for Voice-Over Talent. Among her competition was Sir David Attenborough, who won the Award of Excellence in that category. He is best-known for his work with the British Broadcasting Co. Natural History unit.

McGlinn is the daily manager of Dancing Brush. She is also known to Port Gamble Theatre audiences for her recent turn as the tragic heroine of “Romeo and Juliet.” McGlinn plays the title avian character in “Chicken and Mr. Birke.” Our plucky hero is a slightly naughty elementary school pupil, guided by his patient human guardian, Mr. Birke, who tells him about the importance of going to school.

Other cast members include: Dancing Brush employee and Bainbridge Performing Arts actress Marin Alexis as a gym kid; Francis Jacobson as Chicken’s friend, Orangutan; Birke Duncan as Mr. Birke; and Veatch has a cameo as a bully, who runs afoul of Chicken in a dodgeball game.