Lights and Sirens

Here's a look at local crime in our area. All information was obtained from charging documents submitted by the Kitsap County Sheriff's Department.

City janitor tried to steal check, cash it

A janitor at the Bremerton municipal court stole a check off the public defender’s desk in June. He attempted to deposit the check into his account “without success,” states a Bremerton police report. The man, 39, attempted to deposit it again the next day after he altered the check in a drive-through ATM. When he entered the bank to question why it wasn’t cashed, authorities were called. The man confessed to stealing and altering the check.

Sex offender fails to register eight times

Bremerton’s Herman Wayne Carter, Jr., 37, who has seven previous convictions for failure to register as a sex offender has been charged again for failing to register. In 1996, Carter, Jr. was convicted for child molestation in the second degree.

On June 18 he was contacted at the Kitsap County Jail where he was read his Miranda Rights and asked to be interviewed. Carter, Jr. admitted he had relapsed and started doing drugs again. He told the officer he still lived at 3611 F Street and received mail there. The day prior, authorities interviewed a resident at the F Street location who said that she had received a call from Carter that morning stating he “planned to turn himself in, complete his three days in jail for the DOC warrant and then go to treatment,” according to charging documents. Carter, Jr. is considered a level one sex offender.

Man fails to register as a sex offender

On June 23, Ronald Pete Komok, Jr. was arrested by Suquamish Police Department for an outstanding DOC warrant. Komok who was convicted in 2002 of child molestation in the first degree tried to leave Whatcom County secretly within three weeks of registering in the county. On June 25, he was back in jail and admitted to authorities he had left because his girlfriend would soon be released from jail and “he needed to take care of her,” according to charging documents. Since leaving Whatcom County, Komok said he traveled around living out of his backpack without registering. He admitted to having a drug problem and using crystal meth, but planned to go into “long-term rehab” and wished to be compliant. Since arriving in Kitsap, he had not registered as a sex offender and the charge was added, along with a bail set at $25,000.

Duo arrested for drug and gun possession

On June 23, deputies responded to a physical domestic dispute in progress. En route, the deputy saw the suspects leaving in a “street racing” Honda. The deputy made contact with the pair in the car and discovered the passenger to be in possession of a stolen firearm and methamphetamine. The passenger was arrested for unlawfully carrying a firearm in part because she was under 21. The driver was found to have two outstanding warrants for his arrest for theft three and a bag of heroin and nearly $2,000. A stolen vehicle was also found at the driver’s residence, which he claimed was given as “payment” for a debt. The driver admitted to his intention to sell heroin, but the investigation about the physical domestic abuse was determined to be unfounded. Both were transported to Kitsap County Correctional facility.