Let’s boost Charlotte past the goal line | Ken Bicha


It has been a real treat to witness the development of a somewhat shy high school girl into a confident, positive, poised young woman.

This describes Charlotte Whitten’s journey that began when she was selected as the Fathoms O’ Fun queen at the March 2015 coronation ceremony.

As I watched Charlotte interact with her princesses, Fathoms of Fun adult leaders and parents, I witnessed a born leader and a respectful, responsible teenager.

She and her court represented Port Orchard extremely well as they attended several area community parades and helped with the Easter Egg Hunt at South Kitsap Regional Park, Pirates Rendezvous Craft and Vendor Show, Seagull Splat Run, Concerts on the Bay, South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Volunteer Association’s HotFoot 5K Race, Columbia Bank’s Fathoms O’ Fun Grand Parade, the WAVE Grand Fireworks Show, CRUZ car show and Breakfast with Santa.

They also helped with a variety of community events in support of non-profits. This heavy commitment of time by royalty, their families and Fathoms board members helps develop the royalty court into strong, confident women.

With this experience and strong family support as a foundation, Charlotte launched into her post-secondary education at Olympic College while working as a Visiting Angel and at other jobs. To reward and supplement her efforts, the Port Orchard Eagles Auxiliary has granted her two $500 scholarships.

In search of additional scholarship opportunities, Charlotte researched the International Cinderella scholarship program. Since originating in 1976, the organization has grown into the largest and most prestigious scholarship-based pageant system of its kind in the world. The Cinderella program has three tiers of competition—-local, state and international.

Charlotte, who has competed in and won at local and state levels, currently is the 2017 Washington State Cinderella woman in the 20- to 26-year-old age group. Her family values and active participation in Fathoms nurtured the qualities encouraged by the Cinderella program, including modesty, compassion, humility and service orientation.

The International Cinderella Pageant will be held in July at the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts in Dallas. If you would like to support Charlotte financially, contact any Kitsap Bank and deposit a check to the “Friends of Cinderella – Charlotte Whitten #3201352311” fund.

Charlotte — the people in Port Orchard, Kitsap County, and Washington state wish you well as your journey takes you to the final level of the Cinderella program competition.

You Go Girl! The world is your stage. Good luck.

Ken Bicha is a volunteer, civic activist, Eagles member and 2014 Port Orchard Man of the Year winner.