KPHD: 22 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Kitsap since yesterday

311 infections confirmed in July, marking more cases this month than all other months combined.

On Tuesday, the Kitsap Public Health District confirmed 22 new positive cases of COVID-19 since yesterday, including 12 cases alone in Bremerton.

According to the health district’s daily update, the countywide total of COVID-19 infections stands at 569 cases, with a positive test rate of 3 percent.

A total of 95 cases are considered “active” by the district, meaning they are “confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases … participating in daily monitoring.” Another 342 were categorized as “active contacts” or individuals determined to be close contacts of a lab-confirmed case and are participating in daily monitoring.

A total of four COVID-19 related deaths have also been confirmed by the health district since March. Per the health district, the average age of cases has declined over the past four months from 47 years in March to 40 years in June. The highest increase of cases is in the 20-29 age range, followed by ages 30-39.

To date, 18,349 residents have tested negative for COVID-19. So far, 311 infections have been confirmed by the health district in July, marking more infections in this month than all the other months combined.

Of the 569 active cases, 20 have been reported on Bainbridge Island, 190 in Bremerton, 146 in Central Kitsap, 96 in North Kitsap and 117 in South Kitsap.

The age breakdown for confirmed cases per 100,000 is as follows:

0 – 19: 96

20 – 29: 260

30 – 39: 230

40 – 49: 117

50 – 59: 70

60 – 69: 63

70 – 79: 66

80 and older: 74