Kitsap Transit advises of weather impacts to service

A number of Kitsap Transit bus routes have been affected by the arrival of a winter snow storm.

In an alert sent out Friday, Kitsap Transit stated that at 3:00 p.m. the following service changes were planned:

  • Central Kitsap: Route 21 will not operate Ferry-Take-Home buses tonight. All Central Kitsap routes are on normal route.
  • North Kitsap: Routes 32 and 44 will not serve Olympic College’s Poulsbo campus for the rest of the day. All North Kitsap bus routes on normal route.
  • South Kitsap: All South Kitsap bus routes are on normal route.
  • Bainbridge Island: All Bainbridge Island routes are on normal route.
  • Fast Ferries and Local Foot Ferries are in operation unless high winds or unsafe conditions at a dock force cancellation of sailings.

The next scheduled service change will take place at 7 p.m. Changes, if any, will be announced approximately at 6 p.m. If road conditions require immediate changes for the safety of Kitsap Transit employees and customers, the group will issue an update.

Kitsap Transit encourages riders to take precautions and stay informed by visiting their website for the current status of bus or ferry service and to access snow route maps. Passengers are advised to walk to a stop on flat ground, if their usual stop is on a hill. The group also noted that buses may be late during inclement weather, and advise travelers to dress warmly and be patient.