Kitsap has busy primary ballot

Two tax issues and nine races are on the Aug. 1 primary ballot in Kitsap County.

Bremerton City Council hopes to pass a Public Safety Levy to increase the property tax rate 40 cents per $1,000 valuation, for a total rate of $1.87. On a $400,000 home that would be $160 a year more to $748.

South Kitsap Fire & Rescue commissioners hope to return its levy to $1.50 per $1,000 valuation. On a $400,000 home that would equal $600 a year.

The top two vote-getters in the following races advance to the general election in November.

Port Orchard City Council: Heidi Fenton, Cindy Lucarelli and Jessica Hallman.

North Kitsap School District: Mike Desmond, Natasha Fecteau Minger and Drew McDonald; Beverly Godfrey, Adam Salazar, Terri Schumacher, Bill Longworth and Teresa Case; Barbara Waggoner, Stacy Mills and Melanie Miller.

Central Kitsap School District: Jim Grose, Rob Sanders, Drayton Jackson and George Campbell; Jason Gilham, Josh Wexler, Eric J. Rolenaitis and Meghan Hein.

South Kitsap School District: Glenn Goddard, John R. Berg, Jaime Cross, Megan Higgins and Paul L. Nuchims; Jay Villars, Rhonda Edwards and Larry Mann.

South Kitsap Fire & Rescue: Brent R. Rotter, Mike Eslava and Robert P. McGee.