Kitsap community rallies to save dog’s leg

Puppy was hit by a car last week and is slowly recovering with the help of local community members.

Fiesta is a feisty little gal.

Last week, the female black Lab/chow mix got hit by a car, severely injuring one of her legs. The owner, unable to take on the medical bills, asked for the vet to find a place for Fiesta to be taken care of so she could live.

Kitsap Humane Society took on the challenge to rehabilitate and re-home the fuzzy black dog, and the nonprofit is now asking for the public’s help in funding the future medical needs for Fiesta.

Because Fiesta was “degloved” when she got hit, meaning most of the skin on her front left leg was peeled away from the muscle, the process for healing is much different than a clean break would be, said Natalie Smith, KHS director of animal welfare.

“It’s a really time intensive process,” said Smith, who started an online fund-raiser at to help the dog. “We really want to make sure we’re giving her around the clock care.”

Currently, Fiesta has a bandage on her front left leg, and a cone around her head to prevent her from licking the spot. The bandage must be changed out several times a day, and to keep the pain at bay, she’s on medicine as well.

The goal of the fund-raiser is to reach $1,500 for the dog’s basic care. After that, the funds will be used to keep up with physical therapy if the leg does not have to be amputated, Smith said. So far, the campaign has generated $1,635.

“It could be easy peasy, or she could need physical therapy,” Smith said of Fiesta’s recovery.

Smith and others have found that the online campaigns work well in generating funds for the shelter. Sites like allow for easily shared campaigning on social media sites, allowing more people to see the need, said Rachel Bearbower, marketing and events manager for the Kitsap Humane Society.

Donations are higher online than in traditional mailings, Bearbower added.

Most recently, staff took to the web to help support a cage-free kitty lounge, a room created to help cats stretch and become more adoptable. Within days of posting the need, the public came together to fund the project, Bearbower said.

“Everybody feels compelled,” said Bearbower, noting that every small donation adds up. “People like seeing that other people are supporting the cause.”


For more information on how to donate to help Fiesta in recovery, visit and type in “help save Fiesta” in the search box.

Kitsap Humane Society can be contacted directly for donations as well at 360-692-6977.