Kingston won’t get back its bridge until the end of April

KINGSTON — Kitsap County’s Department of Public Works recently announced that a project that has closed off West Kingston Road will not be finished until April 30.

In October 2017, Public Works Director Andrew Nelson said that the project to replace an existing 60-inch culvert with a 150-foot 2-span bridge and other roadway improvements, would be delayed until March 2018. Nelson cited numerous obstacles that delayed the completion.

Public works has secured a commitment on the behalf of the contractor to finish construction by April’s end, with the possibility of the roadway opening sooner if traffic can safely move through the area.

Tina Nelson, senior manager for Kitsap County Public Works, said this project’s challenges appear to be “exceptional.”

“We’re disappointed they are unable to complete the work in the time frame provided. Once work is complete, we’ll conduct a thorough review of the delay. Our priority now is getting the bridge completed and the roadway open.”

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