Kingston skatepark coming to Lindvog Rd.

"KINGSTON - After months of debate, delay and data gathering, the Kingston Skatepark will be located along the Lindvog Road extension on an area near the water sewage treatment plant. The 20,000 square-foot area meets all of the criteria county officials said. "

“Each of the other sites had drawbacks, said Chris Endresen, Kitsap County Commissioner, District 1. But the site at the sewage treatment plant has virtually none, she said. Endresen and a group of about 10 people, including two Kingston skateboarders, met Tuesday to discuss a location for the park. The group also included Kingston Community Advisory Committee members and the members of the park design team. I think it’s the best location for the park, said Tony Michala, chairman of the Kingston Community Advisory Committee’s parks and open space sub-committee. He has been studying the project for several months. The skatepark project got rolling this spring when the county earmarked $150,000 for the 10,000-12,000 square-foot park. The Kingston Jr. High Skateboard Club members as well as other skaters have raised more than $5,000 for the skatepark park. What has been dubbed the Lindvog Road site is a relatively recent addition to a list of sites proposed by the Kitsap County Parks Department and the Kingston community. The skateboard park will be just north of the retention pond, and behind the Arco gas station. Other sites that were considered were the northwest and southwest corners of Kola Kole park, the gravel pit site at Norman Road and another site near the sewer treatment plant. Each of these sites was measured against criteria such as how centrally located they are, availability of utilities such as water, electricity and phone available on site, and proximity to businesses. Kola Kole Park came close to fitting the bill, but the skatepark did not fit in with the master plan for the park. According to the community-driven master plan for Kola Kole. Under that plan the ballfield and active portions of the park would be moved to the water sewage treatment plant site when the plant moves. That site would include sports fields, possibly a new community center, and community pool. Kola Kole would then be a village green similar to Mike Wallace Park. Although most of the discussion centered around the two Kola Kole sites, in a KCAC meeting held Oct. 4 it was suggested the committee look at the Lindvog Road site, which is already owned by the county. Sometimes the obvious is staring us in the face, Endresen said. “