Kingston man arrested for 3 alleged rapes

  • Thursday, August 26, 2021 10:08am
  • News

Stephen Tyler Clayton, 28, of Kingston was scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday for suspicion of three different cases of sexual assault.

He did not show up in court, so a $100,000 warrant was put out for his arrest. He was arrested a few hours later and taken to the Kitsap jail.

Kitsap County prosecutor’s office papers say the first victim, age 40, came forward March 22 after hearing a similar rape story from a woman who ended up being the third victim. Victim No. 1 said she was raped in 2017. She said the man married a relative of hers, and they lived in her house for a time. She received a text from him after they moved out, saying he wanted to come over to talk. Her husband was at work, and she was home with her then 3-year-old child.

They went into the garage, where there was a couch, and drank shots of whiskey. She passed out, and when she awoke she alleged he was raping her. She broke free, ran into the kitchen and started crying. When he left he said if she told anyone he would blame her.

The second victim, age 29, said she was raped in April of 2018. She also didn’t plan to tell police until hearing the story of the third victim.

She says in probable cause papers that she brought the man, who was a co-worker, home with her. They were all drinking. The next day, the man went to work with her now ex-boyfriend, but then he returned. She was sleeping, and when she awoke he was allegedly raping her. She was on prescription medication and fell back to sleep.

On Feb. 22, victim 3’s boyfriend gave a report to a deputy as she was not up to talking about it. She decided to come forward after the others did.

She is friends with the alleged rapist’s wife. They all got together Nov. 28, 2020, after a mutual friend committed suicide. In their shared grief they started drinking alcohol. Victim 3, also age 29, had a marijuana edible and some prescription anxiety medication. She passed out and awoke to the 28-year-old man allegedly sexually assaulting her. She left and got into bed with the man’s wife. She went to sleep, and then awoke to find the man allegedly raping her.

The man denied having sex with the first two victims, and said he had consensual sex with the third victim. While he knew the first two victims, he had just met the third one at a party.

In testimony to police the man did say he had cheated on his wife, but they had worked things out. He also said at one point a relative of one of the victims said he was going to “kill me and beat my ass” then grabbed a firearm and told him to leave.

In probable cause papers, Clayton said, “I have blacked out,” and “I can be flirtacious.” They all liked to drink, do drugs and play video games, he said. As to the sexual assaults, the man said, “I don’t see myself doing that, even if wildly intoxicated.”

The first victim said one of the reasons she didn’t report the rape initially was she didn’t want her boyfriend to break up with her as that would break up the family and uproot her children again. They had moved 10 times since 2005.

She also said she found out her then 12-year-old daughter had been raped by a different family friend so “my rape went to the back burner.” When she found out about the others being raped she felt “guilty and heartbroken” because she had not come forward earlier.

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