Kingston library hosts murder mystery night Sept. 21

KINGSTON — Get out your magnifying glass and plaid deerstalker hat: on Sept. 21, the Kitsap Regional Library’s Kingston branch will turn into the scene of a murder most foul.

No, we’re not talking about disgruntled librarians seeking revenge for exorbitantly overdue books. Between 6 and 7:30 p.m., the Kitsap Regional Library’s Kingston branch will host “Mystery Night: Murder at the Twin Pines.”

Attendees will be tasked with solving the murder of Laurel Plummer at the Twin Pines Library. No word yet on whether or not the evening’s events will be directed by Davis Fynch.

Kingston Branch Manager Tomi Whalen explained what attendees could expect from the evening.

“A group of people get together, ostensibly for some other reason and then suddenly something happens and they have this mystery on their hands and everyone is invited to help solve it.”

Finding and piecing together clues, Whalen said, was the name of the game. Most clues will be found within the library; but it’s not unheard of for some to be found just outside the library doors as well.

So people go around collecting the clues and try to figure out whodunit,” Whalen said. “They have to use deductive reasoning and figure out – based on the clues – which individual could have done it.”

Whalen was also quick to point out that Mystery Night was not going to have a role-playing element, where participants are expected to play certain characters.

“It’s not like you walk in and are given a wig or something,” Whalen said. “You’re not forced to do any of that, I’ve been to ones like that and it was awful.”

While it would not be required of participants to play a character, Whalen said there would be opportunities for participants to get a bit more involved if they so choose.

“It will be very low-key, one or two people may be given the opportunity to participate a little bit more if they would like to,” Whalen said.

“It’s very stress-free, it’s just for fun,” she added.

Participants are encouraged to register ahead of time by calling 360-297-3330 or visiting